1 Year of Board 2.0

Dear all,

It has been exactly one year since the Board 2.0 has been elected (on 12 July 2012). It seems like it was only yesterday that we held our first skype meeting and discussed what our focus would be and how to continue the wonderful work the previous board has done.

And what a year it has been! We were very excited to return home to the Monastery of San Nicolo on Lido for the 3rd General Assembly, we took some important decisions regarding our work, but also launched the Global Campus Alumni (GCA) Initiative which brings together alumni from six Regional Masters on five continents.

As of Today we have a change in our Board. After a very dedicated year of volunteering for the Association, Lynn has decided to step down from the Board to allow other Alumni to give their contribution. Vera Martins de Almeida (first non-elected in the last treasurer elections) is joining the Board 2.0 in substitution of Lynn. She will remain in charge, as the rest of the Board until next July when new election will take place. We are very thankful to Lynn for her contribution and engagement and we are looking forward to cooperate with Vera from today on. Thank you very for having accepted to join us.

We have started many newprojects, and continued many of those initiated by the previous Board. We invited you to get together in E.MAhubs, we believe local hubs are a nice and smart way to get in touch with Alumni both locally and globally, this way creating a network from below. We strongly encourage all to create new hubs and to become E.MAmbassadors in different cities or regions. We continued with our mentoring programme which has now become the Global Campus Mentoring programme, and as a result, we considerably extended the pool of our mentors. We also encouraged you to initiate your own projects and we sincerely hope you will continue to do so in the future.

But it was not all perfect. We had our ups and down and we also made mistakes. Just remember the last membership fee (contribution) collection email. We had the best intentions in mind, but it turned out that the email was read as if we demanded that you pay; even though we all know that paying a membership contribution is strictly done on a voluntary basis. But keep in mind: we want to learn also from our mistakes and your feedbacks always help us in doing that.

Throughout the year, the contribution of EIUC was fundamental to make most of our actions possible, let us take this opportunity to renew our gratitude to EIUC for the generous and constant support to the E.MAlumni Association.

Don’t forget: Our doors are always open because we are the E.MAlumni, a community based on passion for Human Rights and an educational experience, the E.MA! Thank you all for supporting us and let’s all keep our community growing, we can do more and more together.


Board 2.0