2014 Career Day Facilitators Selected

Two E.MAlumni will be taking part as facilitators in the 2014 Career Day organised for the third time in cooperation between the E.MAlumni Association and E.MA. The goal is to facilitate sharing useful tips on how to break into different sectors in the field of human rights and will provide E.MA students with interviewing techniques and work conditions.

In order to ensure objectivity and transparency, the selection process included two reviews by different members of the E.Malumni Board 2.0. according to the criteria specified in the call for application. The call was open to E.MAlumni and former students from the Regional Masters within the Global Campus residing in Europe. The shortlisted candidates were suggested to EIUC for final approval.

We would liketo congratulatethe two selected candidates: Steven Martinand Antonia Barradas. We wish them an excellent session in Venice and look forward to their contribution. We will let you know how it went. We would also like to thank all applicants for their participation. This initiative is testimony of the huge potential of our network. Forthcoming initiatives in this regard will continue to be launched throughout this year, therefore please remember to keep your profile and CV updated on www.emalumni.org.