A special bond – E.MAlumni Career Day 2012

by Bernadette Knauder, E.MA Career Development Officer (*)

On 27 January, the second E.MAlumni/EIUC Career Day was held in the Aula Magna of the Monastery on Lido. After a call for applications on the E.MAlumni website, the E.MAlumni Association Board chose highly qualified masteroni to facilitate modules on application procedures and options for and uncertainties of career planning in IGOs, NGOs, and EU institutions. Additional modules on career choices in academia and the E.MA/EIUC Internship and Fellowship Programmes were facilitated by EIUC Staff and E.MA Fellows respectively.The programme of the event was designed reflecting lessons learnt from last year’s pioneer E.MA Career Day and gave a lot of space for discussion, interaction and exchange between masterini and masteroni. Facilitators were dedicated and spontaneously sacrificed their breaks to answer to questions and be available for individual consultations. The day ended with a ‘networking night’ with pizza and drinks, where further room for discussion and questions was provided – and busily used by the students.

Bernadette Knauder (2008/2009, E.MA Career Development Officer), Ron Hermann (1997/1998), Kersty McCourt (2004/2005), Giorgos Kosmopoulos (2007/2008, E.MAlumni President), Sara Melkko (2003/2004), Angela Melchiorre (1999/2000, E.MA Programme Director), Corinna Greco (1998/1999, E.MAlumni Vice-President) Bernadette Knauder, E.MA Career Development Officer

It was a pleasure to see that the call attracted interested applicants across all academic years, even from the first year of the master’s creation (1996/97), showing the special bond that ties masteroni to the E.MA. This second E.MA Career Day can be considered a success for the young E.MAlumni Association. A special thank you to Monika Alpoegger, Ron Hermann, Kersty McCourt and Sara Melkko for their commitment and willingness to (time)travel back to Lido – in some cases after many years – to share their rich experience with the current students.Thank you as well to Alberta Rocca, Monika Dabrowska and Jacques Hartmann to contribute to the success of the day with their inputs and to EIUC and especially to Angela Melchiorre for making the day possible, and for the pizza! Last, but by no means least, thanks to the current masterini for their interest and curiosity, and for having us with them at their farewell party. Returning back to Lido is like a happy family reunion: it’s good for the soul!

*After the success of the first E.MA Career Day in 2011, the E.MAlumni Board decided to appoint a graduate of the E.MA programme to collect vacancies, communicate options how to find jobs, conduct surveys, and similar tasks related to career development. The creation of such position was feasible thanks to the financial support by EIUC and the E.MAlumni Association.

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