Ambassador Portraits

The GCA Ambassadors are at the core of the alumni network and foster connections between alumni by organizing social events or thematic discussions.

GCA Ambassadors in Strasbourg

“In 2017, we took the relay from our fellow VĂ©ronique who started the E.MAlumni group in Strasbourg. More than one year after taking up this mission, we still keep on identifying new E.MA fellows based in Strasbourg as the new E.MA students, CoE/EP/permanent representations trainees or employees arrive in town.

Organising regular meet-ups gave us a real sense of how vibrant and diverse our community is. Is It is also a unique opportunity to exchange and keep abreast of latest human rights developments and initiatives with like-minded people.”

Diana Balanescu and Tania Gisselbrecht

GCA Ambassadors in Vienna

“Since September 2017, I have the pleasure of being the ambassador for the GCA hub in Vienna and since the beginning of 2019, I am sharing the task with my dear friend Philipp Hamedl, formerly the Ambassador of GCA Austria Hub-GRAZ. On March 13th, we organized an EMAlumni get-together at our apartment, including current E.MA masterini doing their second semester in Vienna. It was a great opportunity for alumni to meet new faces from the E.MA network and reunite with former classmates. We had fruitful discussions with alumni who suggested ideas for strengthening the Vienna Hub, such as expanding the activities to encompass panel discussions and sharing work experiences, which could benefit everyone but more particularly fresh graduates and the younger alumni seeking guidance and advice in shaping their professional career and exploring various job prospects.”

Zahraa Badawi

GCA Ambassador in Belfast

“After moving to Belfast for personal reasons in 2018, I decided to become a GCA Ambassador in this exciting city to strengthen the already existing Alumni network in Dublin and Galway. Though based in Northern Ireland, I continue working as a Legal Adviser to the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs), officially hosted by UNHCR in Geneva, where I regularly travel. I hope to make a good Ambassador for our fantastic human rights programme, to which I owe a lot. In fact, it is thanks to an EMA internship at the Norwegian Refugee Council almost ten years ago that I started to be involved in my current (extremely fascinating and equally challenging) area of work, internal displacement. I look forward to connecting with and supporting all those who might come to Belfast – and beyond!”

Martina Cat