Announcement of the new GCA/E.MAlumni Executive Officer

It has been a complex and thorough process to select the incumbent for the GCA/E.MAlumni Executive Officer position. The selection has come to an end.

We are very pleased to announce thatLaura Pasquero is the new GCA/E.MAlumni Executive Officer.

The call for application was sent out to all E.MAlumni and to the other five Global Campus Alumni Associations along with an application guide on 21st March. The initial application deadline was extended until 1st of April to allow equal access for Global Campus alumni as well to submit applications. The selection committee consisted of people with prior experience in recruitment and selection processes. Members of the E.MAlumni Board 2.0 and representatives from Global Campus Alumni were involved in the recruitment process. EIUC validated the selection process by confirming the decision of the selection committee.

We received 27 applications within the advertised deadline. All applications (CVs, letters of Motivations) were thoroughly read and assessed individually by three members of the selection committee (Alba Marcellán Fernandez, Iva Tsekova and Krisztina Damjanovich). Pre-selection was based on applicants’ demonstrated accomplishments, skills sets, and experience that best corresponded to the required qualifications set out in the call for application. The collated information was shared in one single document allowing comparison of applicants’ relevant skills and experience. Then the three members of the selection committee met, deliberated and decided on a longlist of nine candidates. The top five candidates of this list were invited for interview. All candidates were notified so they had equal time for preparation prior to the interview.

Interviews were conducted via Skype by Cristiano Gianolla, Krisztina Damjanovich, Lydia Malmedie and Sofia Antunes. Candidates were asked the same pre-set questions. Consistently, the same four selection committee members were present at all times during the five interviews and assumed different tasks during the interview process (i.e.: two members asked questions, one observed the fair process, and one took notes). Interviewed candidates were asked to complete a practical assignment (they had to return within one hour after receiving the instructions). Reference checks of the preferred candidate were conducted after all interviews had been completed. The final candidate was selected based on all elements of the recruitment process. EIUC had reserved the right to oversee the selection and hiring procedure.

The following persons were involved in the recruitment process: Iva Tsekova, Alba Marcellan Fernandez, Cristiano Gianolla, Sofia Antunes, Lydia Malmedie, Niaz Ahmed (GCA), Andrea Petkovic, and Krisztina Damjanovich. Any question you may have regarding the recruitment process can be directed to the Recruitment Team leader by e-mail,