Call for Candidate Board Members

We are excited to open the call for candidate E.MAlumni Board Members!

As stated in Article 14 of the Statute, the Board is the executive body of the Association responsible for implementing and executing the decisions of the General Assembly.

It is composed of the President, Treasurer and 7 other Board members. The President will appoint a Vice President who will stand for him/her in case of absence or impediment. The Secretary General participates in the Board meetings with consultative status.

Please find the Candidate Board Members campaigns here. You have to be logged in to the website for access.

Work and responsibilities of the Board:

The Board is responsible for the running of the E.MAlumni Association as well as for the initiation, planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of its activities. This means the Board must be actively informed and have a clear overview of all projects run by the organisation.
Furthermore, it carries the responsibility for the preparation and execution of the annual General
Assembly, which includes the preparation of documents such as possible changes or additions to statutory documents, as well as Annual Reports and Financial Reports.

The E.MAlumni Association is also responsible for managing the Global Campus Alumni network.

The Tasks of the Board are to:

a. adopt any act of administration that is not within the competence of other organs, unless otherwise provided by law or by the present Statute;
b. adopt the budget of the Association, in accordance with the directions given by the General Assembly;
c. draft a proposal of the financial statements and accounts to bring to the attention of the General Assembly for approval;
d. adopt an annual operational plan, in a view to give implementation to the decisions and directions of the General Assembly;
e. nominate the Secretary General; f. adopt any act concerning staff hiring and discharging in consultation with the Secretary General;
g. determine the fee for active membership;
h. discuss and decide on the acceptance of contributions and/or donations from public entities or organisations and from the private sector;
i. promote and supervise the Association’s fields of activity;
j. promote the aims and efficiency of the Association;
k. represent the Association towards third parties.

The Board shall be accountable to General Assembly for its actions and decisions.

The Board Members should have the self-discipline necessary to get work done on time and independently between meetings.

Candidates should…
…be interested and motivated to develop the growing network and co-operation of alumni on a European and global level.
…be open-minded and willing to learn a lot.
…be able and willing to work in an intercultural team as well as on individual basis.
…have a good knowledge of spoken and written English.
…be regularly available by telephone or email and attend regular skype meetings.
…be willing to respect different points of view and work with these.
…be ready to follow and respect decisions taken by the Board and the General Assembly.
…be motivated to put energy, enthusiasm and creativity into the work.
Be open-minded and able to think out of the box.

**Please remember that only active members can vote in elections and vote at the General Assembly.**