Letter from the E.MAlumni Board

Dear E.MAlumni,

We are the E.MAlumni Association. If you can remember that very special time in Venice, you will be glad to know that there is a meeting point for you, your former classmates and all those who have studied the European Master’s Degree for Human Rights and Democratisation and share your passion for Human Rights. We are that meeting point!

But we are much more than that. We support future and new graduates with initiatives such as the Career Day and the E.MA Arrivals. The Mentoring Programme and our Career Coaching not only assist new graduates, but also older ones wishing to re-orientate their careers. From January the HeinOnline library is also available for our members, who can use it for their research and for keeping up with academic developments in the field of Human Rights. This has been one of our greatest achievements of 2015. Our extensive network of Ambassadors ensures the face-to-face contact between graduates, making it possible for you to meet Masteroni from other academic years and to re-encounter those classmates you had lost sight of.

In 2015, we successfully took an important step towards the expansion of our network and we reached the global level. This year, together with the Alumni Association of the other five Regional Masters of the Global Campus, we founded the Global Campus Alumni Association (GCA). GCA has its seat in Brussels, at the heart of Europe’s Human Rights policy, and is proudly represented there by our Secretary General Anna Widegren. The potential of this network is inexhaustible! It brings together thousands of graduates from the six Regional Human Rights Masters working all over the world. And the family will continue to grow with the incorporation of the Alumni Association of the new DE.MA programme.

Connected with this expansion, there is a second major achievement of this year: the launching of our new website, which encompasses the GCA and its six Member Associations.

The E.MAlumni Association is taking the lead in the first steps of GCA, while at the same time keeping up with its activities for the graduates of our Venice programme. This is possible thanks to the dedicated work of nine voluntary Board Members, the Secretary General and our membership. Engaged alumni act as ambassadors or help us with our projects. Very importantly, a number of them pay a yearly contribution, which is of highest strategic significance in times when EIUC is restricting our budget. Paying this contribution also gives them access to active membership (link to list of advantages) and thus to enhanced possibilities to shape the Association’s activity such as voting in our General Assembly and running for the Board.