Brussels Board meeting in March!

On the the E.MAlumni Board met in Brussels for an in-person Board meeting!

There were many items on the agenda, so we the board had two intense full-day meetings, and on Saturday evening the board hosted a socialising evening with fellow alumni based in Brussels.

The board discussed current and future projects such as the HRD Cluster, the Career Day, the E.MArrivals and the GCA Mentoring Programme. The upcoming General Assembly was also planned at the board meeting, including lengthy discussions about the new Statute and moving the organisation to Brussels.

See to the right the work-plan timeline for the Board in the upcoming months!

On the Saturday evening the E.MAlumni Board opened their meeting to Alumni who wanted to come by and observe the work of the board, and later held a socialising evening at Titulus winebar! About 30 Alumni came and it was a great evening to meet fellow alumni and catch up with old friends.

The Board also held a presentation about the E.MAlumni Association and its global network the Global Campus Alumni! The new website was presented, all its features and the new promotional video too.

It was a really successful evening! Thank you to everyone who came!