Call for E.MAlumni to Lecture in the E.MA Programme

Dear E.MAlumni,

The E.MA Programme is once again offering the opportunity to E.MAlumni to lecture in Venice in the framework of the Cluster on Human Rights Defenders. For those of you who are not familiar with the Cluster option, this consists in a series of specialised seminars for a small group of students (max 25). Clusters are mandatory and each student must choose one out of four options (Human Rights Defenders; Diversity Management; Gender Issues and Human Rights; Development and Human Rights).

The first Cluster in particular looks at the practical tasks of Human Rights Defenders and the way they must be protected by States, international and regional institutions, including within the EU, and in other settings. Speakers will include representatives of the EU, UN, NHRIs as well as E.MAlumni who have first-hand experience of challenges and practices in working with/as human rights defenders in the field.

For this Cluster, the E.MA Programme is looking for 3 E.MAlumni with experience in one of the following areas: protection of civil rights and freedoms; fact-finding, monitoring and reporting; management of diversity in society (non-discrimination); assisting victims of human rights violations in taking cases to courts and project management.

Candidates will be shortlisted by the E.MAlumni board based on education, experience and motivation. EIUC will make the final selection. The selected candidate will be invited by EIUC (who will cover travel, accommodation and meals) to teach during the week between 28 October and 1 November.

To apply, please send a cover letter (including indication of your E.MA Academic Year) and CV to Cristiano Gianolla ( and Lydia Malmedie (,by 8 October, 6.00pm CET.