Call to buy an Island of Venice (until 30th April)

Dear All,

As some of you may know, the Italian government has decided to sell the island of Poveglia. I think that most of you remember that island even if you’ve never been there; it is the island that you can see from Lido right in front of Malamocco. It is a small island, however it is important for Venetians and they don’t like the idea that one more island of the lagoon is sold to private investors. That is why Venetian citizens have created an association which is aimed at collecting money to buy the island and keep it public.

The cost requested per person to take part in the association is 99 Euros (19 Euros subscription + 80 Euros minimum donation). If you wish to join the association, you can find all info here (also in English and French):

If you would like to join the association but you cannot afford the 99 Euros, I suggest to collect some money among us. I had spoken with Cristiano about the possibility to collect the money and subscribe as E.MAlumni; he was very interested and wanted to talk with the board about that, but finally this doesn’t seem to be possible because, as you can see from the third link, only physical persons are allowed to subscribe. Therefore, we decided that I will try to collect the money. If you want you can transfer as much as you can in my bank account and then I will subscribe in order to donate the money. Of course, I will not keep any single euro for myself and I will not take any privilege from this, the only aim is to save an island of the Venetian lagoon and to guarantee commons to everybody. This means that: all the money collected among us will go to Poveglia association; if the association does not win the auction and gives the money back to subscribers, all the money collected among us will be given to an NGO that will be chosen by us; I will abstain from exercising the right that any subscriber will have to take part in decisions about the future of the island.

If you want to give your contribution you can find the bank details below. Please write in the object “Poveglia” and add, in brackets, the name of the NGO to which you would like the money to be given in the case that the auction is not won by Poveglia association. Unfortunately we have only a few days left, the auction will take place on 06/05 and subscriptions are accepted only for one more week, so please do not make any payment after 30 April (please make payments only from European bank accounts because transfers from other continents often take too long to be processed and we haven’t enough time).

Thank you in advance for trying to keep Poveglia public, I will get back to you with the amount of money collected and the copy of the subscription/donation.



IBAN Nr. IT22 M076 0112 0000 0000 2117 505


Account holder: Paolo Pagotto