20 June 2019

Diego Naranjo

Occupation: Senior Policy Advisor a European Digital Rights (EDRi)

EMA Year: 2010-2011

Thesis: Watching the watchmen: the defence and promotion of human rights by human rights defenders in local, national and international contexts and the protection of their activity

On the EMA programme

After co-founding a human rights organisation in Andalusia (Grupo 17 de Marzo) and working as a lawyer for many years in Spain, I decided I wanted to try to find a full-time job related to human rights.

Carla Luis

Occupation:Researcher and Consultant

EMA Year:2005-2006

Thesis: How development should embrace culture and culture’s contribution to development

On the EMA programme

I concluded my PhD, with a thesis addressing peacebuilding and elections. During my professionalpath I came across this topic, also by working in the field.

16 June 2019

Rosa Izquierdo

Occupation: Freelance Human Rights, Protection and Psychology Professional; GLOCARIS Glocal Minds Ltd consultancy firm owner

EMA Year: 1998-1999

Thesis: Psychosocial support to international field operators

On the EMA programme

Nothing of what I have done since would have been possible without the Master programme, it helped me to develop a multiplier mindset of great value when working with institutions and systems.

Ram Kumar Bhandari

Occupation:Human Rights Defender/Researcher

EMA Year:2010/11

Thesis: The Role of Victims Organisations in Transition from Conflict: Families of the Disappeared in Nepal

On the EMA program

I worked as a human rights advocate to secure justice for conflict survivors in Nepal before joining EMA program.

Mathilde Scheffer

Occupation: Advocacy Adviser for SOS Children’s Village International
EMA Year: 2011-2012
Thesis: Roma Inclusion - A focus on good practices in Education

On the E.MA programme

I entered into human rights with a focus on right to education while promoting the right of minorities.