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15 May 2017

Connecting across the Global Campus – GCA Gathering in Leuven, Belgium

(Text written by Kersty McCourt, GCA board member) At the end of April we had the chance to meet with all the new Global Campus Representatives alongside the AHRI conference in Leuven. It was inspiring to meet fellow alumni – and whilst we don’t share the Lido experience – there is a strong and vibrant connection that stems from our similar experiences.…
10 April 2017

The GCA at the FRAME conference!

For the first time since its creation, Global Campus Alumni is presenting a panel of Alumni at a high level conference on human rights: the AHRI/FRAME conference. On Friday 28 April at the Irish College of Leuven (Belgium), from 9:00 to 10:30, 6 Alumni will present: Between Law and Justice: A Critical Perspective on the Role of Courts in Realising Rights.
1 February 2017

Career Day in Venice!

The E.MAlumni Association organised the Career Day for current E.MA students. Four experienced E.MA alumni run sessions on the UN and EU job system, NGOs, academia, and other human rights career paths. Moreover, the students were also briefed on what the E.MAlumni…
27 December 2016

Message for 2017 by the E.MAlumni President

Dear fellow alumnae and alumni, This past year has not been the most accommodating for making adherence to human rights principles a reality and there seem to be (many) further challenges on the horizon. We have seen hundreds of thousands of people seeking safe haven, with many more remaining in their conflict shaken regions of origin. …

Call For Facilitators – EMA Career Day 2017

Would you like to share your career path with young and motivated human rights advocates and help EMA students develop their perspective careers?

The E.MA Programme is once again offering an exciting opportunity for several E.MAlumni to return to the Lido to facilitate the annual EIUC/E.MAlumni

7 December 2016

New Secretaries General on board!

Moana Genevey and Sara Pastor are the new Secretaries General of the GCA and E.MAlumni. They are both Alumni from the E.MA 2014/2015 year, and have previously worked together in a number of initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns. They will now share tasks and responsibilities as part-time Secretaries General, and together with GCA and E.MAlumni…
14 July 2016

FRAME Academic Paper Competition

The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC) together with the FRAME research project offers two awards for academic papers within the area of Work Package 14 focusing on the EU human and fundamental rights ‘Policy toolbox’. The FRAME will present a cash award of 1000 Euros to the winners of the competition who will be selected by the Competition Board composed of EIUC and FRAME representatives with the view of publishing their work in the European Yearbook on Human Rights.…

ERMA 2016/17 Call for Applications is out!

ERMA (European Regional Master`s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe) call for applications is out! Please disseminate the call! ERMA is a full time, interdisciplinary program focused on the development of democracy and human rights in South East Europe. …
16 June 2016

EDD – European Development Days are happening right now!

European Development Days: Europe’s leading forum on development since 2006

At EDD 2016, young people from around the world will join the debate about development policy and international cooperation. The EDDs bring the development community together each year to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.…

Why should we move the E.MAlumni Association to Brussels?

and why is YOUR VOTE so important?

This year, the Board would like to submit to your decision again the very important question of moving the legal seat of the Association to Brussels. This proposal was submitted already at the 2015 General Assembly - and out of the active members who voted a vast majority voted in favour of the move.…

Your VOTE counts! Take part in the Online E.MAlumni General Assembly!

VOTE and help us move the E.MAlumni Association to Brussels - because...

* this will enable us to employ staff, which is vital for the daily running of the association; * this will enable us to have a bank account, which also is fairly essential these days ;) ; * this will make fundraising so much easier and realistically possible; WE need 75% of the total of active members to vote in favour to be able to make this happen.…
13 May 2016

Board member candidates!

Board member candidates - remember to post you campaigns!!! You can post them here. Deadline: 17 May 2016 (midnight CET)…

Looking for Electoral Commission members

With the General Assembly coming up and the E.MAlumni Board elections, we are looking for two active members who would like to volunteer to be part of an electoral commission.
  • Role: The Commission’s role includes:
– Ensuring a proper and comprehensive communication  to the E.MAlumni

Run as Board Member!

You should run as Board Member, Treasurer or President! It is a very rewarding experience and you’ll be in touch with amazing people globally. Being a Board Member also allows you to further develop or apply your leadership skills, gives you insight into how an international organization is run and is an opportunity to really shape the future of this great alumni network which ultimately works to support those who promote human rights.

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