E.MAlumni annual membership fee contribution

Dear E.MAlumni,

Formalising our alumni network is an important step to strengthen the cooperation over all academic years and enhance the reputation of our associationand our master programme. In order to take the organisation to another level, we hereby ask you to contribute the annual membership fee of 30,00 Euro.

If you wish, you can also contribute a higher amount or sponsor someone who is not able to pay the fee. If you would like to do the latter, but have no idea who, please contact the treasurer who will find you a match (Christiane.Schwausch@emalumni.org).

On this occasion: A big THANK YOU to those people, who have sponsored a fellow alumni last year! To those alumni that received a sponsorship last year, I hope the tide has turned and you find yourself in a human rights abiding financial situation this year (despite all these crises). I would warmly recommend you to return the favour and sponsor someone this year. It’d be highly appreciated by us, the sponsored alumnus/a, and your karma!

As announced after the first Board meeting, recent graduates – students of the year 2010/2011 – are exempted from the payment. Other alumni experiencing financial difficulty that prevent them from paying the fee can make a formal request of exemption to the treasurer outlining the nature of the financial difficulty.

The membership fee

– ensures your right to vote and

– the independence and self-sustainability of our Association.

*** Please keep in mind that 2012 is an election year!

Only active members (those who have paid their annual fee or got sponsored) have the right to vote and stand for Board member / President office. ***

It also guarantees that you can enjoy the advantages of our association, such as

– full access to the offers on our homepage, e.g. the job forum;

– the option of profiling yourself for potential employers;

– posting your questions, news, job offers etc. on the website for over 500 Alumni to see; and

– getting in touch with Masteroni around the globe.

The money will also

– establish the basis for further fund-raising activities and

– ensure the financing of a number of projects (seeAction Plan andTreasurer’s Report on how to apply for grants for YOUR project ).

Of course, a clear and transparent account of its use will be given at the end of every financial year (see Treasurer’s Report, updated as of 10 September 2011). Another update will be provided soon, as EIUC has just forwarded their breakdown of contributions to our budget.

Please keep in mind that the E.MAlumni lives from your active participation and feedback. Therefore please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if you want tostart a project and need support or participate in one of those already running. We also encourage youmeet up with your local group or set up such a meeting yourself. Those reunions have already taken place in a number of E.MAlumni hot spots and have been very interesting and of course fun! For obtaining the contact data of your regional cluster please contact Corinna atcorinna.greco@emalumni.org. To give you a first impression on the top E.MAlumni high density areas, seehere.

The deadline for transfers ends on20February 2012. Please wire the amount of30,00 Euros (or more!?) to the following account:

Account Name: E.MAlumni

IBAN code: BE04 001629079331


Bank Name: BNP Paribas Fortis

Address: Agence Schuman / Rond-Point Robert Schuman 10 / 1000 Brussels / Belgium

Please make sure your name and academic year are clearly indicated in the subject line. Otherwise we cannot assign the money to the person.

If you are transferring from a non-Euro country, please make sure that no additional costs are imposed on the association. In particular, we encountered issues with transfers from Swiss bank accounts, where a fee of 5 Euros was charged.

We thank you for your support. Please get back to us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

Best wishes,

Your E.MAlumni Board