EIUC Study Presented at the European Parliament

Enhancing EU action to support universal standards for women’s rights during democratic transitions

This study is another ambitious research project that the EIUC has been selected to draft by the European Parliament. In response to the challenging policy developments emerging from the Arab Spring, the thematic area of the study chosen is “women’s rights in democratic transitions”. The study’s responsible and coordinator is Prof. Kalliope Agapiou-Josephides (EIUC Vice-President and Professor at the University of Cyprus). The Committee of experts, all chosen on the basis of their recognised knowledge on Islamic Law and Politics, is composed by Christina Kaili (EIUC – University of Cyprus), Roberta Aluffi (University of Turin), Leila Jordens-Cotran (Arab Dutch Law), Annette Juenemann (Helmut Schmidt Universitaet – Universitaet der Bundeswehr Hamburg), and Farida Bennani (University Cadi Ayad, Marrakech).

The study was conducted by following a comparative approach and focusing mainly on the Maghreb region.

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