Dear E.MAlumni,

As you all know the electoral period leading to the election of the new E.MAlumni Board is ongoing. The campaign period was open from 1st to 15th June included (23h59m59s, CET time) and voting was initially schedules to start on 16th June until 30th June.

However, before being able to open the polls the Election Commission had to review the late applications and validate the final list of candidates, which took more time than expected.

Because the issues to deal with have been complex and needed a collective decision by the current Board, the E.MAlumni Board 2.0 decided to establish a neutral body, the Electoral Commission, to deal with the issues at stake. The Electoral Commission is composed of outgoing Board Members not running for these elections, as well as one GCA Representative and the E.MAlumni & GCA Executive Officer.

The Commission held a meeting on 18 June and decided on the pending issues. Please find here (or under About ud – Documents) the minutes of the meeting with a description of the issues and decision taken with motivations.

The Electoral Commission declares the polls open as of today, 21 June 2014 and open until 5 July 11:59:59 CET.

Electoral Commission 2014