Letter from the outgoing Board 2014-2016

Dear Alumnae und Alumni,

Two years always go by faster than one thinks, and our term as Board members was no exception. When we started our mandate in June 2014, we could hardly imagine where it would take us – and our Association. In these two years, we have faced challenges, unexpected difficulties, changes in the composition of the Board, stress and pressure. On the other plate of the scales, we have also experienced moments of great satisfaction and a strong feeling of community when we were able to meet with the members and experience your interest in the Association first-hand.

In these two years, the Association has acquired independence in management and use of funds. It has negotiated an agreement which establishes clear rights and obligations in the Association’s relationship to EIUC. The E.MAlumni Association played the leading role in creating our new umbrella organisation, the Global Campus Alumni Association, and in establishing it formally in Brussels, with an office and a full-time Secretary General. We have successfully run our programmes and projects such as mentoring, career coaching, career day and human rights defenders cluster. We have also re-activated the Ambassador’s network, which has resulted in more continuous and intensive in-person contact between members, and negotiated access for Alumni to the Hein Online database. Finally, in view of the result of the last General Assembly, this outgoing Board has succeeded in the first steps that will take the legal seat of the Association from Venice to Brussels, allowing it to acquire a more solid legal status and to be present at the heart of human rights policies in Europe. The new board will have to put this decision into practice. For the time being, please no worries: the E.MAlumni Association will not be dissolved in Italy immediately to ensure that there is not a limbo.

Of course, not everything was a success. The number of active members and the engagement of the membership have remained below our wishes and expectations. Some projects never saw the light and the especially important issue of a fundraising strategy is also a pending subject that the new Board inherits from us. Nevertheless, this Board can pride itself on its achievements and is glad to see that a very vast majority of the Active Members has approved our balance during the last General Assembly.

We would like to thank you all for your involvement and commitment. Without you, the Association would not make any sense. The E.MAlumni Association is there for you, but also by you. Please continue to engage, to meet up with other members in the hubs, to participate in our programmes and projects, to give feedback and to contribute to the financial sustainability of the Association with your membership contributions.

We sincerely congratulate the new board and wish them all the best. Exciting times lie ahead of them and we are sure that, in two years, they will also be proud of what they have achieved.


The Board

– Lydia, Daniel, Denise, Kersty, Steve, Lenka, Tessa, Chema, Saionara –