Career Day

The Career Day aims at providing current EMA students with guidance on potential career opportunities in the field of human rights and democracy through an exchange of experience with alumni. It also gives students a first overview of how the EMAlumni association can help them in their career path.

The Career Day is a yearly event that takes places every January at the Global Campus in Venice, just before the students leave the Monastery for their second semester destinations.


This year’s Career Day will focus on the different career paths that a new graduate can engage in while looking to work in the Human Rights arena. It will seek to offer a multifaceted perspective on different employment opportunities and provide a space for the exchange of ideas and discussion.

Who we are looking for:
This year, Global Campus Europe grants 2 alumni the opportunity to be on the other side of the desk.
We are looking for inspiring and energetic individuals with varied professional profiles, career backgrounds and different qualifications, who preferably have experience in facilitation or training. Selected facilitators are expected to engage in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment to present perspectives from their own professional experience and offer insights on how to best apply for jobs or other opportunities in a range of areas and organisations.

We are looking for a mix of profiles with experience in one or more of the following areas:

International Cooperation (preferably field experience):
The ideal candidate has gained solid experience in the field in international cooperation, its selection processes and competencies required to engage in this professional environment. You should able to provide detailed information on career development, the range of available positions, especially at entry-level, and information on working conditions.

National, Regional, and International Institutions: EU/CoE/OSCE, National Institutions, UN and other International Organisations:
The ideal candidate has gained experience working at institutional level, ideally in two or more international, regional, and national institutions (e.g. at regional and national level). You should be well-experienced with various selection processes, be able to describe the challenges of starting as an intern and how to move to a professional position. You should also be able to provide detailed information on career development, the range of profiles, and information on working conditions.

Advocacy and NGO:
The ideal candidate has experience working in advocacy and, ideally, in one or more international non-governmental organisations or grassroots NGOs and has experience with selection processes thereof. You should be able to describe the challenges and give suggestions on obtaining a position in an NGO work environment and in the sector of advocacy. You are also expected to provide information on career development and working conditions.

The ideal candidate is pursuing or has earned a Ph.D. in a human rights-related area, and/or has significant research/teaching experience in universities and research institutes in the areas of human rights and democratisation. You should be able to describe the challenges of doing research, give advices on pursuing a Ph.D. and building a career in academia.

Private Sector and Consulting:
The ideal candidate has gained experience working in the private sector and/or in consulting in any field related to human rights and democracy. You should be able to convey information on how human rights are becoming increasingly important within the private sector, as well as what it means to work in this area. Moreover, you should be able to provide suggestions on how to work as a consultant in human rights and related challenges. You do not need to be actually employed in human rights, but it is important that you describe how your background in human rights (educational and professional) has been of primary importance for the pursuit of your career.

All facilitators may be requested to present one session twice, related to their professional experience, and be able to engage in conversations that might include more technical skills.
In addition, ahead of the event, facilitators should be available for online consultation to jointly coordinate their presentations. During the Career Day, facilitators should be available to consult students and participate in panel sessions, and then stay for a networking event at the end of the day.


Who can apply:Applications are welcome from all EMA alumni. A minimum of 2 years of experience in one or more of the aforementioned areas is required.

Due to organisational needs, we strongly invite candidates who match more than one of the aforementioned profiles. Please remind that you shall be available for the 1st and the 2nd of October.
We particularly welcome applications from EMA alumni who are not EU citizens, in order to ensure diversity and a wider engagement with the students. However, please note that GCE will cover only travels within Europe to Venice.

Logistics: Selected candidates are requested to attend the entire event, expected to start at around 1.30 pm on Thursday afternoon and 9 am on Friday morning and finish around 1.30-2 pm on Friday afternoon.

Expenses:This opportunity is unpaid. Low-cost travel within Europe to Venice, accommodation (two nights), and meals will be covered by the GCE in accordance with GCE guidance for speakers.

How to apply:

  • Create/update your profile at;
  • Send a CV (max 2 pages) and a motivation letter (max 1 page) to Michele Romano, and Jean-Marie Rogue at and indicate ‘Application Career Day’ in the subject line.
  • Please state clearly which professional area/areas you could best present on. Make sure you clearly state your experience in one or more of the areas above, by indicating the duration of every job post; your role and tasks; the organization(s) you have worked with; and how students could benefit from your experience. Please, be creative and bear in mind that your role as facilitator is highly valued by students. Please, keep this in mind when writing your motivation letter.
  • Selected candidates will be notified at the end of August 2020 the latest.

Deadline for Application: Sunday, 23 August 2020.

Previous Editions

Career Day 2019/20

A Certificate of Participation will be provided to the facilitators by the EMAlumni Association.