General Assembly 2016

The E.MAlumni Association General Assembly 2016 took place online between 20-29 May 2016.

Results in short:

  • 51 people were eligible to vote as Active Members whose membership contribution was received/had provided proof of payment prior to the deadline of Friday 27.05.2016 at 3pm CET. Two persons provided proof of payment after the deadline, and were therefore not eligible to vote and were not given access to the voting forum.
  • 46 people voted in total on one or all question of the General Assembly.
  • The quorum was reached for the new E.MAlumni statute and for moving the E.MAlumni Association’s legal seat from Venice, Italy to Brussels, Belgium.
  • New Board consisted of:

Tessa Schrempf (President)
Raphael Ruppacher (Treasurer)
Denise Venturi (Board Member)
Michaël Merrigan (Board Member)
Kerstin McCourt (Board Member)
Silvia de Benito Ruiz de Azua (Board Member)
Charlotte Campo (Board Member)
Cyprien Munazi (Board Member)
Véronique Lerch (Board Member)

  • The financial report and the annual report were approved.

Please download the full GA & Election Reportsfor more details.

Electoral Commission:

An electoral commission was appointed in order to oversee the General Assembly and ensure that it follows the rules of the organisation. This year the electoral commission is composed of:

  • Anna Widegren: Secretary General E.MAlumni Association
  • Niaz Ahmed: President of APMA and as GCA member
  • Lydia Malmedie: Outgoing Board Member
  • Jose-Maria (Chema) Arraiza: Outgoing Board Member
  • Andrea Petkovic: Active Member
  • Daniel Toda-Castan: Active Member

The electoral commission’s role is to announce opening of voting etc. and to decide in case of any issues before, during and after elections and to write a short report afterwards on number of votes cast etc.

Reminder about how the General Assembly took place:

The main points that were voted on were:

– Elections of new President, Treasurer, 7 Board Members
– Approval of draft statute of the new association of the new E.MAlumni Association in Brussels and the administrative things that go with it (e.g. approval of transfer, appointment of liquidators)
– Approval of Board Annual Report
– Approval of accounts and financial statements

Thank you to all who voted in the 2016 General Assembly!

These were the final documents of the General Assembly:

In case you missed it, or want to read through it again – here is the rationale for the change of statutes and move from Italy to Belgium.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact

E.MAlumni General Assembly Documents

E.MAlumni General Assembly 19-29 October 2016, online