General Assembly 2018

E.MAlumni General Assembly 2018

12-28 October (online)

The General Assembly 2018 took place online (here) from 12 October 2018, 13:00 CET until 28 October 2018, 23:59 CET. All campaigns for board members posted on the campaigns forum until 9 October 2018, 23:59 CET were accepted. Supportive Members approved the annual activity and financial reports of the Association , voted for new board members and approved the change the name of the association from E.MAlumni Association to EMAlumni Association for it to be in line with the new name of the Master.

Agenda items of the GA 2018:

  • Approval Financial Report 2017/18
  • Approval Annual Narrative Report 2017/18
  • Election of 5 Board Members
  • Amendments to the Statutes as applicable/presented
  • AOB


The Electoral Commission, formed by members from other associations of the Global Campus Alumni, has reviewed the results of the elections of the E.MAlumni General Assembly 2018. We are glad to announce the results as declared by the Electoral Commission:

“According to the voting results:

  • The Financial Reports 2017/18 are approved with absolute majority.
  • The Annual Narrative report is approved with unanimity
  • The Activity Plan 2018/19 is approved with unanimity.
  • The five Elected Board Members are: Denise Venturi, Moana Genevey, Jean Marie Rogue, Jozefien Van Caeneghem and Penny Papaspyropoulou.
  • The Name of the Association is changed to EMAlumni. “

Big thank you to all candidates who run for the board, and congratulations to Denise, Moana, Jean-Marie, Jozefien and Penny!

For more details, have a look at the E.MAlumni General Assembly 2018 – Electoral Commission Report elaborated by the Electoral Commission.

Thanks to all Supportive Members for making this General Assembly possible!