General Assembly 2019

EMAlumni General Assembly 2019

from October 18 to November 5 (online)

The General Assembly 2019 took place online from 18 October 2019, 12:00 CET until 05 November 2019, 23:59 CET. Only full/supportive members who have registered on the website could vote and be elected to the board of the association.


  1. Approval of the Financial Report 2018/19
  2. Approval of the Narrative Reports 2018/19
  3. Draft of the Activity Plan 2019-2020
  4. Election of 6 Board Members (2019 -2021)
  5. Date of the General Assembly (next year and the following years)
  6. Update of the logo of the EMAlumni Association
  7. AOB

We are happy to announce the following results:

1. The Financial Report 2018/19 was approved with 42 yes and 5 abstentions.

2. The Narrative Report 2018/19 was approved with 44 yes and 3 abstentions.

3. The draft activity Plan 2019-2020 was approved with 44 yes and 3 abstentions.

4. All 6 candidates were elected to the board with an absolute majority for a two-year term (2019 -2021).

The 2 new members of the board are: Theodora Ralli and Charles Slidders. Adam Moeller, Jennifer Valentine and Michele Romano were re-elected as board members

Véronique Lerch was re-elected as President.

5. The change of date of the Annual General Assembly for next year and the following years was approved with 46 yes and 1 abstention. The General Assembly will now be organised in June in order to coincide with the Italian fiscal year as the largest part of our budget comes from Global Campus of Human Rights. The Board members will be elected in June but will formally join the board on October 1st in order to give them time to learn about the association and organise a transfer of knowledge.

6. The update of the logo of the EMAlumni Association was approved with 44 yes and 3 abstentions.

We thank all the supportive members for their active participation and their suggestions in the 2019 General Assembly.

Congratulations to the two new board members: Theodora Ralli and Charles Slidders!

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