From 2013 we initiated a broad consultation process with all our fellow alumni to define the goals and spirit of the association, as well as the objectives and work areas; during 2013 we also had the opportunity to participate in the official launch of the GCAlumni in Venice.During 2014 we joined the GCAlumni meeting in Brussels where we defined the next steps on moving the seat from Venice to Brussels. By the end of 2014 we drafted the final document of the Latin American Association statutes. This final EMDAL statutes have now been adopted, and on the 31st of July 2015, with the support of the Master’s programme, the official launch of the association took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event was held at the closing ceremony of the third cohort of graduates. The the Masters programme directors attended as well as graduates of the three cohorts and the coordinator of the association. Right now we are preparing the general plan of activities including the election process of the various organs of the association.