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Hello everyone!

I’m Saionara, a fresh E.MAlumni graduated just last year. I’m originally from warm Brazil but I have been carrying my big smile around quite a bit, chasing new academic and professional experiences. I have recently come back to Brasília, where besides of being an E.MAmbassador, I’m working for the Judge and Vice-president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Before that, I was in Ethiopia volunteering for SOS Children’s Villages. In Lido, I was one of the students’ representative of my A.Y. and I got involved in several extra-curricular activities during my E.MA time. And why not to mention, during my university time before that.

That is precisely my profile; a girl that can’t stop getting involved in activities believed to be possible to make a little or a big good-kind of difference somewhere. I have this terrible attraction to opportunities to act; to gather people and ideas over common dreams; to turn projects into reality. And on the top of that I’m passionate by multiculturalism and by the challenges and wonders of working in this kind of environment. So that’s some of the reasons why I’m running for the E.MAlumni Board; for believing this is an association that can help giving voice to our common interest in human rights related issues and for being excited with the idea of contributing with that.

I hope you are all doing well and I’m looking forward to take part in this new adventure, with your support.

Feel free to email me on with any question 🙂