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Dear E.MA people allover the world,

My name is Sanja Tosic, I originally come from Serbia, but currently live in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I work as an independent consultant for several organizations including UNICEF BiH and  Swiss Embassy/ Cooperation Office BiH. Working on mainstreaming human rights and gender into range of development initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many times, I thought how it would be great to have fresh  and real-life good practice examples or to share with you some of the inspiring stories.

I have strong interest  to be an active member of E.MAlumni Board and, if selected,  I will work on strenghtenning current initiatives and structures and would propose different new ideas such as  the following:

– Horizontal and vertical networking  between E.MA community and human rights, developement and democratisation initiatives in the field.  This would enhance our visibility and increase job opportunities.

– Expand tailor-made career development and support services such as  building online resourse center with contemprorary  guidelines, strategies, good practice examples of webinars for operationalization of human rights in defferent sectors of development.

Let's strenghten our association, let's reconnect and participate; give our contributions and gain benefits.

Please contact me if you have any questions at