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Hello Everyone!

I’ll keep this very short. I’m also relatively fresh, having just graduated this 2016/2017 year, but excited about staying engaged with E.MA as an alumni and<span> </span>through<span> </span>the Board.

As one of the two Student Representatives from our year, one of the issues I championed was connecting recent alumni to students of the incoming year. As a new Alumni, it is even clearer to me that connecting with<span> </span>current students sooner can serve as a means of filling gaps in student support and strengthening networks between alumni and students. I’ve already begun an informal project to connect 2016/17 alumni to incoming students through sharing positive and constructive feedback on E.MA experiences, and would be interested in developing it further or connecting it to other projects as a Board member.

My professional background is in community engagement and international exchange, and I am excited to see connection and growth continue to develop amongst E.MA & GC students and alumni.