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<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Why I run</span>

<span>Since I graduated in 2007 I have met fellow alumni around the globe. I shared an office with and alumni in Kabul for two years, met with others in Geneva and Brussels, bumped into another in Khartoum at a social event and have met many others while working for the UN, INGOs, EU and as a freelance journalist in various parts of the world. I’m currently based in Tbilisi where I find myself working directly with other alumni. I am running for the board because I know that this network has an effect on us and by developing it, we stand stronger in our efforts to work for human rights globally in a time when we see multilateral institutions and basic rights being questioned by global leaders who are tearing in the fabric of those values. </span>

<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>What my focus is:</span>

  • <span></span><span>to develop the alumni network through stronger ties among the alumni globally</span>
  • <span></span><span>to advance activities within human rights in culture for alumni, e.g., utilize alumni skills globally to connect the human rights regime with photography, films, music and other forms of art</span>
  • <span></span><span>to optimize existing network processes</span>
  • <span></span><span>to improve communication outreach for the network  </span>

<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Why me: </span>

  • <span></span><span>I have worked in multicultural teams in Asia, Europe, Africa and will be able to work in the multicultural E.MAlumni Board</span>
  • <span></span><span>I have worked with refugee protection, conflict prevention, advocacy and communication in the field of human rights and will bring the experience to the network</span>
  • <span></span><span>I have new ideas that will strengthen the network </span>
  • <span></span><span>I will continue to build on the existing structures of the already impressive network</span>
  • <span></span><span>Finally, human rights are challenged. Politicians and leaders are chipping away at the global order designed to prevent conflict and human rights violations. The collective failure of responding to the global refugee crisis, the trend in Europe to view human rights as a challenge to nation states, disregard for international institutions by state powers.… A strong human rights defender network is more pertinent than ever.</span>

<span>Happy voting!</span>


For more info about who I am you can have a look at L<span>inkedin</span> or for some of my creative work you can visit this website