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My name is Monika Alpoegger and I would like to put forward my candidature for the presidency/board of the E.MAlumni association. I graduated from the Master’s in 2006. Since then I have been supporting the idea of setting up an alumni association. Hence, I am extremely happy that the foundations for such an association are now laid. I would be happy to contribute to a successful start of this young association with my experience and enthusiasm. I believe this network has an incredible potential and can become a vibrant forum for discussions, exchange of information and the promotion of human rights.

My main ideas:

  • In the first year we should focus on getting as many alumni as possible registered, making a special attempt to reach also those who graduated in the early years of the programme.
  • I would like to motivate as many people as possible to become active members in the association and to participate in the opportunities provided by our main communication tool: the website. It allows us to maintain contact with people of the same graduation year but also to learn more about other masteroni and their whereabouts. It can also be a forum for academic discussions as well as circulation of job opportunities.
  • Since the website will be our main communication tool I will put much effort in making it as user-friendly as possible and keeping it up to date. Furthermore, as protection of personal data is an important issue to me, I will strive to have a transparent policy on it.
  • I would be happy to set up a monthly newsletter informing the alumni about the activities of the board, upcoming events, experiences of our colleagues on the ground etc.
  • Since we are spread all over the world I think it would also make sense to support the creation of “regional alumni hubs” wherever a couple of us are located and willing to be active, organising meetings, discussions, conferences, film screenings, cultural events…
  • I am personally not very happy about the compulsory membership fee and I would like to find other ways of fundraising if possible. It might be worth a try to substitute the compulsory membership fee by voluntary donations.
  • In the long run I think we should endeavour to increase the visibility of the association as a body known for its expertise on human rights issues.


To conclude, some more information about me:

My academic background is political science. I studied at the University of Vienna where I was the spokesperson of the Austrian Students’ Union. In the course of my professional career, I have been working for NGOs, the European Parliament and the European Commission.  For the last three years I have been working in DG Enlargement/European Commission on the Kosovo status negotiations in 2007/08 and Cyprus peace talks since September 2008. My main field of expertise is international negotiations as well as conflict mediation and resolution.

I am Italian and belong to the German speaking minority in the northern part of Italy. In addition to German and Italian I am fluent in English and French.

I am very happy to see so many of us getting involved and hope this spirit will continue. I am happy to hear from you and would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.