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Candidate for the Board of the E.MAlumni Association

Dear Friends,

I hereby share with you my desire to become one of the members of the E.MAlumni Board.

Who am I?

–      My short bio is available at the address below

–      Masterona of the academic year 1998/1999

–      10 years of work for E.MA and EIUC

–      I was one of the 25 alumni of the first meeting of E.MA graduates -back in November 2002- which saw the creation of different working groups: one devoted to the draft of the Statutes of the Association (that we amended and approved at the General Assembly meeting on 21 May 2010), and one devoted to the creation of a dedicated website (launched in 2005) and promotional materials.  I hereby seize the opportunity to thank all the Masteroni who contributed to achieve these two initial and important steps

–      I followed from “inside” the successive attempts made by EIUC for supporting the E.MAlumni Association

–      My previous affiliations in Associations saw me active as External Relation Manager for ADEK (Association des Anciens Stagiaires des Institutions Européennes) and Secretary General until 2000 when I moved to Italy. One of my best achievements: having an exhibition stand for ADEK within the EU Pavilion at the 1998 World Exposition in Lisbon; representative of Belgium for the Confederazione degli Italiani nel Mondo; trainer for the Brevet Européen de Premier Secours de la Croix-Rouge de la Jeunesse in Belgium

–      My professional experience is of almost 20 years in European contexts, working mainly on multicultural education, research, training, counselling and project management of EU projects, etc.

–      My academic background includes: European School of Brussels; Degree in Psycho-Pedagogy; European Studies; E.MA 1998/1999

–      I go often to Brussels where I lived for more than 30 years.


As E.MAlumni Vice-President ad interim (replacing Carlotta Bellini), I assess very positively the commitment and enthusiasm of all those graduates attending the GA in Brussels and of all those who are following our debates and intervening on this new web platform.  The Association needs this spirit of cooperation and joint care, now and in the future, and in a continuous way.

If elected I would like -together with the other members of the Board and the President- to:

–        Increase the number of registered members by offering our services, by

  • Attending the E.MA Awarding ceremony for presenting the Association and offering to the newly graduated Masters their first year free registration
  • Participating in the E.MA Universities Fair (usually held on the Friday before the Awarding Ceremony) by reporting on second semester experiences in E.MA universities and suggesting topics of research for E.MA master theses.  If not in that occasion, we could ensure such exchanges on the web
  • Organising training seminars for E.MA graduates in the first days following their graduation. They are often eager to acquire more practical skills and being trained by former graduates now professionals in the HR market is a positive incentive to enter (or to go back to) the job market.


–        Collaborate with EIUC by

  • Supporting the advertising campaign of the E.MA programme (dissemination of the call, presentation in our job places if related to HR and D issues, join the E.MA/EIUC stand during education fairs, …)
  • Organising joint training seminars.  In January 2010 one fellow masterone of the E.MA 1998/1999 organised a successful training for trainers for his NGO. A Memorandum of Understanding between the NGO and EIUC made possible to include a one-day training for 40 Masterini on HR Defenders. Listening to the six Alumni who participated in the roundtable during the GA in Brussels was extremely interesting and underlined how similar presentations of HR work in the field could benefit students of E.MA or of other programmes as well.

–        Liaise with the EU Institutions (but also with other IGOs)

  • EC – in particular DG Relex and AIDCO for promoting Alumni for job postings in EU funded projects or initiatives. E.MAlumni should ALSO look at other programmes run by ECHO, DG Dev, DG Soc, DG Enlarg, DG EAC. HR experts like E.MAlumni could find job opportunities
  • EP Committees on HR, Dev .. in their campaigns for the promotion of HR and Democratic values for all .. (among us there are lots of activists … they could become in the future sort of a “groupe de pression”)

–        Fundraise among foundations, stakeholders and donors.


Some of these activities fall under the same umbrella of “promotion, visibility, marketing, and networking” and can be jointly organised with a proper action plan during the mandate of the first Board.

Others relate more to project organisation and management. Selection of projects to develop will be one of the most demanding tasks that the Board will handle. As other candidates rightly underlined, the Board should be composed by members with complementary professional skills and experiences.

E.MA universities are now 41 and are present in all EU Member States. By the next graduation ceremony on 26 September 2010, E.MA graduates will be more than 1000. We are a driving force in the human rights professional sphere. We are spread around the globe and we cover a considerable range of professions, skills, capacities and contacts.  All candidates for the Board of the E.MAlumni Association present interesting proposals of activities. I am confident that whoever will be elected will be great. We, the E.MAlumni have all the capacities and skills to show how a HR Association as unique and diverse can contribute to make our world a beautiful and better place to live in.

That’s more than enough for now. The rest will be a collective exercise.

E.MAlumni Association forever!

Ciao a tutti, Corinna