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Hey people,

my name is Benjamin Toussaint, short “Ben”. I am an graduate from the year 2008/2009. I will keep my candidature short, because i am on vacation in Ilha de Fogo, Cape Verde laptop less and internet connection is not something that common around here. Furthermore i am writing on an azerty keyboard which goes very much counter to my habits.

I would like to candidate for a membership on the board. Why? Because i am convinced efforts in the field of human rights are too rare to leave them uncoordinated. The E.MAlumni network is an opportunity to create fruitful synergies between up to 1000 people ready to emphasize the significance of human rights in international relations specifically and human relations in general.

Why me? Because 1. I am motivated, which is why I went to Brussels to the 1st E.MAlumni General Assembly, 2. because i have the time to realistically invest in a full-fledged membership in the board.


Sincerely yours,