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Dear Giorgos,

I just read your update and I wanted to say I understand where you are coming from. As a (still) acting president of the association, you are setting an example by following the rules of the association.

However, I urge you to embrace flexibility and to reconsider the candidacies of the other folks who didn't manage to submit in time at the risk of bending the rules. What I learned in EMA is that judgment is sometimes more important than norms set in stone. And what I learned in the private sector (perhaps somewhat controversially) is that in order to succeed one has to build the best and most capable team rather than seek out the consensus of the majority. The reality is that we have fewer candidates than board places and that ~30% of this year's board candidates (3 out of 9) are in fact "old faces". While their contributions and dedication to the association have been recognized, I believe it is important to give space to new, fresh additions. For example, while it is true that Krisztina did submit a late candidacy, she put forward a list of concrete and valuable ideas, plus a track record of an active, can-do attitude, as attested by the people who knew her in her class year. Perhaps we can encourage a few more applications by similar almost-candidates who contacted you and have a run-off among the "late submissions"?

Best regards and good luck to everyone,