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Yesterday Al Jazeera published an article entitled “The shaping of a New World Order” which subtitles is “If the revolutions of 2011 succeed, they will force the creation of a very different regional and world system.”

Ulrich Beck argues that there is a silent revolutions that is taking place in the “second modernity”, it was created by the defeat of the myth of progress and of the human ability to control the outcomes of its action (Risk Society). Serge Latouche argues that the human social system has become a “Megamachine” (using Mumford’s terminology) which is not any longer under the control of its creators. Raimon Panikkar argued that the way to peace is not easy but revolutionary

With globalization, injustice and oppression become global as well as homogeneous for those people that are excluded from the big gains (the mirage of the political discourse). For peoples oppressed by the same kind of factors the reaction of one of them could give courage to peoples in similar conditions. Glocal social (and environmental) problems are stiffened by the global economical crisis, they need to be faced with that kind of “ability to plan” that would avoid “catastrophes” (social and environmental). Nonetheless this requires human/social/political wisdom which is hard to identify in political leaders. Finally, I also believe that there is a historical debt of justice from the Nord towards the South and the oppressions of peoples in the South is connected with past and present unjust geopolitical (dis)equilibrium.

Do you agree that resentment against national leaders is balanced with resentment for historical and economical external action/oppression (direct or indirect)?

Which is the extent that this revolution wave can reach? Which other countries can be involved?

Is this unrest caused by oppression and pure lack of democratic values or is there also a seed of structurally unavoidable social-evolution, caused by historical oppression and globalization, behind what is happening?

I am curious to hear from people living and/or working in the Mediterranean countries experiencing protests or facing a delicate socio-political situations what do people on the street say and what they really propose for the long run to overcome the limits of the socio-political model in which they lived until now and how would they act to avoid that another unjust status quo could come again.

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PS: I recommend this short video (1 min) about Mubarak 🙂