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Dear All

Inspired after the last GA I am putting my name forward as a board member.  I am from the year 2004-5 and since then have worked on access to justice and human rights programmes for the Danish Institute for Human Rights and now for the Open Society Justice Initiative. I have had the chance over the last years to collaborate with many masteroni on different work projects and so have seen the huge potential of the network and am committed to contribute to its evolution.

What I would bring to the board:

Ten years' experience working for human rights NGOs in Europe and Africa and specific skills in advocacy, communications and network building;

Based in Brussels I am very familiar with the EU and have good contacts within the institutions. Brussels is the largest destination for EMA graduates and a natural hub for the alumni association and I would be keen to help establish the planned permanent presence in Brussels.

Experience working with the regional human rights systems and ideas on how we can link the network to regional events such as the EU Human Rights Forum, ACHPR and IACHR sessions.

From a non-existent alumni network it’s really exciting to see the recent developments and that a solid base for the association has been put in place over the last few years. I have been in touch with alumni through events in Brussels and by contributing to the career development days and have seen first-hand the hard work over the last years. A lot of experience and knowledge has been built up which will be crucial to carry into the next board.

Some of the ideas that I have, that I hope will build on the existing work include:

1. To further grow and strengthen the membership through regional hubs and the ‘ema ambassadors’ building strong connections in cities with large numbers of alumni such as Brussels, Vienna, Geneva, NY, Berlin etc. and linking through the regional hubs to remote field locations.  

2. To build strong connections with the regional human rights systems and organize network events alongside meetings such as the annual EU Human Rights Forum in Brussels. Fantastic opportunities also exist to connect with the new Global Campus – for example Pretoria graduates regularly meet at ACHPR sessions. There could also be possibilities to link with upcoming global or regional advocacy campaigns on particular human rights themes.

3. To further develop communications and ensure that we use really simple ways to connect with each other and all alumni can easily get in contact for social or work related projects.

4. To create more opportunities to link with the programmes in Venice, the masters, the summer school, human rights village etc. including teaching opportunities, collaboration with research projects etc.

In summary I think there are fantastic opportunities ahead. The strength of the network comes from all members: the ability to ensure that initiatives engage everyone from recent graduates to those from the early years; and the chance to forge connections across all regions.

Looking forward to the next steps and thanks for reading.