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Dear fellow E.MA Alumnae and Alumni,

I am very pleased to introduce myself to you as a candidate to the Board. My name is Daniel Toda Castán and I graduated from the E.MA Programme in the academic year 2010-2011, during which my involvement included, among other things, the organisation of our Human Rights Film Festival “Building Bridges”. I come from Spain and I am currently based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

During the past two years, our outgoing Board has succeeded in setting up the fundamental structures of the Alumni Association and in making them operational and effective. The two GA’s and various initiatives such as the Mentoring Programme or the E.MA Hubs attest to this. In my view, their work deserves to be continued and built upon, for the benefit of all of us. I am running for a position of Board Member because I believe there is much value in strengthening our community. These two last years have shown how much potential there is in it, and now I would like to contribute to the effort of realising that potential.

My view is that an association, of any kind, is not just the Board. The Board coordinates and leads efforts, but it is only a governing body of a vibrant community from which ideas and impulses must come. Therefore, the ideas I would bring to the Board, if elected, would go in the following sense:

-Encouraging the participation of all Alumnae and Alumni in the development and activities of the Association, and promoting formal and effective active membership. In this sense, E.MA Hubs, Mentoring Programmes and participation at the GA are essential.

-Opening up regular channels of immediate and direct communication between the Board and all Association members.

-Consolidating our institutional structure and relations to strategic partners such as EIUC, the Global Campus and the Alumni Associations of the Regional Master’s Degrees.

-Continuing to explore fundraising possibilities in international organisations and foundations keen to advance and promote the same values as us. Being able to offer concrete projects will be fundamental for this and in this sense, the participation of all of you will surely be the key of our success.

-Making our community visible in the scientific field and the different fora where human rights, peace and development discussions take place. I am sure that many of us are involved in courses, trainings or conferences as speakers or audience, or participate in research projects or write articles and reports. Compiling these activities in, for example, a yearbook could be an excellent means to raise our scientific profile and make us appear as a community with a substantial contribution to make.

As a Board Member, together with my colleagues, I will do my best to ensure that our work runs regularly and smoothly and that all views and opinions expressed by Board Members and by you can be accommodated within our general policies. We are a diverse community and this should be reflected on the Board composition and its debates, always in a spirit of mutual learning and respect.

I would like to finish encouraging you to cast your vote. Democracy is at the basis of our commitment to human rights and our awareness of this needs to be shown in the practice of our Association.

Thank you for your consideration,

Daniel Toda Castán