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Dear all,

I would like to put forward my candidacy for the EMAlumni Board.

About myself. I am original from Venice (yes: I’m part of the indigenous population of the Laguna!), and I’ve been an E.MA student in 2011/2012. After the graduation, I’ve spent six months in Geneva interning with the International Commission of Jurists. I’m currently a PhD at Aarhus University (Denmark) where I carry out research in the fields of human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international criminal law.

My ideas for E.MAlumni. I am convinced of the importance of strengthening our alumni network and, through that, the E.MA. In general, I’m very open to all new proposals that the Board and Alumnae/i will propose, and I’m up for committing to new activities.

In my opinion, it is crucial to increase the participation of the Alumnae/i in the Association, with a view to getting them actively involved in its initiatives and activities. I think the expansion of active participation within the Association is one of the focal issues the next Board should engage in.

Moreover, I believe we do a very useful job in sharing advertisement of jobs, internships, conferences etc.. We should try to improve this aspect, which is undoubtedly crucial to all of us. This is partly linked to the previous issue: if our fellows Alumnae/i feel part of the Association, they will likely be more available to support each other.

Of course, we shouldn’t just focus on the professional benefit of the Alumni network. Being all of us ‒ in many different ways ‒ engaged in fostering human rights, we must also understand how to make the most effective contribution in this field as an Association. Therefore, I think the next Board should also concentrate on how to involve in its human-rights project and events those Alumnae/i with specific expertise in the relating field. This is just another way to make our network more solid.

All in all, I believe the uniqueness of the E.MA programme ‒ its multicultural environment, the originality of the structure, the diversity of background and origins of its participants ‒ is the asset we should build on.

Thanks in advance if you decide to support me, and buona fortuna to all the candidates,

Vito Todeschini