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Hi there – My name is Erin Koenig (E.MA 2004-05) and I would like to put my name forward for a board member position.

A little bit about myself: I am a diplomat, currently working in the political section at the Canadian Embassy to Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. As a Canadian, I am one among the small group of non-European students that has benefitted from taking part in the E.MA programme. It was not only a great professional decision, but also the source of a wonderful and lasting group of friends and contacts that have become a great resource. 

My professional background reflects ten years of experience working on human rights, democracy/governance, peace and security issues with Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, academia and international, regional and non-governmental organizations. A Foreign Service officer since 2009, I have covered South East Asian and African files both from headquarters and the field. Previously, I have also worked on human rights with UNESCO and as a researcher with the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, based in Costa Rica. I currently lead strategic research, analysis and reporting on a wide range of trends and developments related to human rights and democratization in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, and have a breadth of knowledge in policy formulation, poltical reporting and program management. I am very comfortable with establishing and cultivating broad networks of contacts and have a demonstrated skill at working independently as well as on a team.

Motivation: I would like to join the board for a few reasons: 1) I believe strongly in the E.MA programme and having myself benefitted so much from the experience, I would now like to give back; 2) I see the great potential and benefit of E.MAlumni as a mechanism for retaining and expanding our network; 3) As a non-European, I think that I would represent the perspective of an important cohort of the E.MA alumni.

Areas of interest: I remain open-minded and flexible in terms of how I might contribute as a member, but some areas of interest would include:

  • Maintaining/expanding E.MAlumni social media presence with a view to increasing the effectiveness of E.MAlumni communications 
  • Working to link E.MA alumni to larger human rights and democratisation initiatives and events
  • Using my current presence in Africa to explore options for African alumni to meet/organize
  • Outreach, Global Campus network, Mentoring Program and E.MA Alumni in the Field

Thanks for your consideration.