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Dear Erin,

I'm so happy to see your candidacy. After our last e-mail exchanges I was wondering when would be the next time when we 'meet'. Little did I know then, that the time would be sooner then I could have imagined. Greetings from the True North.

I  fully supoort your vision of aslo having alumni respresentation on the board from outside of Europe, not only becasue I am a fellow Canadian with a two year tenure on the board but also becasue I experienced first hand the great collaborations among board members in spite of working remotely. In fact, we also had an alumni on the board from Latin America. In the last few months the board members were spread out even more in different continents and varying time zones. This was an intense time period leading up to organising the GA in Brussels,  and despite the remoteness we were able to manage meetings, work loads, crisis, our daily professional and private life, and not the least, our sanity.

Having met the wonderful Global Campus Alumni representatives in Brussels and hearing their ideas and vision for future collaborations I echo your aim to expend the network. Your presence currently in Africa is going to serve you well in that goal.

There can never be enough outlet to share the universal message about the values, aims and plans of the E.MAlumni Association and human rights. I like and support your idea of expanding the social media presence.

Wishing you best of luck in the campaign,

Krisztina  (Outgoing Board member/Treasurer)