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Dear fellows,

I wish an effective participation in the voting exercise, at least a significant participation. I am somewhat concerned by the fact that litle debate has been developed if any.

I wish to see a balanced executive board; of which composition would express the plurality of talents and expectations and backgrounds; i.e. a fully inclusive board.

Let me elaborate my thought. Between us there are brilliant people with relevant carriers  and great capacity to move from one HRs' job and country to another. Yet, many of our members are carrying on more difficult and less splendid lives. Both profiles have to be represented in our executive bodies. Only this balanced representativeness can bring about plural-quility, open of new spaces, grips on the ground, inclusiness; briefly, what we need to make a difference.

I  strongly wish that our association will manage to play its role in "filling in the gap for people who have no connections and need to start from the scratch in the HRs and the job market". These are the words of a fellow of us that I though it is worth sharing with you all, now, at the moment of the elections.