Re: Vote online or in presence?

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Dear Jean-Marie and Joaquim, thank you for your contributions you have been the fist to post on the new Webstite šŸ˜‰

@ Jean-Marie: I personally think that if we opt for an online voting, everybody should vote online and nobody in Brussels. The vote should take place after the meeting and, of course, we will widely circulate the deadline for voting and the campaign page.

@ Joaquim The great idea that you suggest is already implemented :-). We have a campaigning forum under the menu “Voting-Campaing” named “Campaing for Board or President” where all candidates can write their candidature (also insert a presentation video if they like). TheĀ voting page is under the menu “Voting-Polls” where at the moment we are voting to decide if we want to have an online voting or in Brussels. If we will opt for an online voting, inĀ “Polls” you will findĀ 2Ā polls: one for the president and one for the board.