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    Thank you to the great candidates for putting themselves forward for the Board Member position.

    The voting period for active members will be from 30 May – 07 June midnight CET. 

    Until then, anyone may endorse candidates or support their campaigns by posting underneith their campaign post. 


    Become an active member now. 


    Dear all,

    I am very keen on joining the E.MA Alumni Board, as I believe it may be useful for advocacy, knowledge and information sharing and academic and professional guidance for new E.MA Alumni. I would particularly like to promote linkages of human rights advocacy with artistic expressions (cinema, music, theatre and dance).

    I am a mixture of international human rights expat and local artist. I juggle field missions with INGOs and IGOs (OSCE, UN, NRC, others) and consultancies in post-conflict scenarios with an equally exciting life in my beloved Madrid, where I dedicate a lot of time to music, dance and theatre. I have been engaged with the E.MA since I graduated (2001/2002). Some of you may remember me in Kosovo organising the OSCE part of the trip. I act as E.MA Ambassador when in Madrid (Silvia Gomez Moradillo is currently doing this). Also, I will soon finish my PhD with Åbo Akademi, my ¨second semester¨ university.

    You can find out more about my reading my blog on minority issues (mojitoetniko.blogspot.com.es) or my CV (josemariaarraiza.blogspot.com).

    Best regards,



    Dear All,

    I would like to express my interest in running for the Board Member position.  I graduated from EMA in the academic year 2005-2006. I have been an active member of EMAlumni association since 2006. I have also been contributing to the online discussions on human rights and democracy sharing isues around human rights and democracy especially from the global South. Presently I am EMAlumni Ambassador for Geneva hub where I am doing a Master's dgree in Humanitraian Action.

    My interest in becomning a board member is hence linked with my commitment to promote North-South partneships on promotion  and protection of ideals of human rights and democracy. Previously I promoted the idea of having a forum to promote exchanges among alumni from the South but the initiative did not take off.

    I strongly  believe that interaction and networking on issues of common concern among Northern and southern members will go a long way in cementing the foundations for human rights and democracy across borders. Sharing expertise and skills can   bridge the gap currently observable in upholding these values mainly in the Global South. This initiative will also put to good use the investment made in candidates from the South.

    Looking  forward to your support to push this commitment ahead.


    Hello everyone!

    I’m Saionara, a fresh E.MAlumni graduated just last year. I’m originally from warm Brazil but I have been carrying my big smile around quite a bit, chasing new academic and professional experiences. I have recently come back to Brasília, where besides of being an E.MAmbassador, I’m working for the Judge and Vice-president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Before that, I was in Ethiopia volunteering for SOS Children’s Villages. In Lido, I was one of the students’ representative of my A.Y. and I got involved in several extra-curricular activities during my E.MA time. And why not to mention, during my university time before that.

    That is precisely my profile; a girl that can’t stop getting involved in activities believed to be possible to make a little or a big good-kind of difference somewhere. I have this terrible attraction to opportunities to act; to gather people and ideas over common dreams; to turn projects into reality. And on the top of that I’m passionate by multiculturalism and by the challenges and wonders of working in this kind of environment. So that’s some of the reasons why I’m running for the E.MAlumni Board; for believing this is an association that can help giving voice to our common interest in human rights related issues and for being excited with the idea of contributing with that.

    I hope you are all doing well and I’m looking forward to take part in this new adventure, with your support.

    Feel free to email me on saionarakr@gmail.com with any question 🙂




    The following message is from Denise Venturi who due to technical problems was not able to upload the message of her candidancy herself. She is running for the Treasurer position.

    Dear All,

    I am Denise and I graduated from EMA in 2014. I am from Italy and I am currently PhD fellow in Human Rights at Sant'Anna School in Pisa, where I am acting as EMA Ambassador.

    Not only EMA provided me with valuable knowledge on human rights, but also gave me the chance to meet unique people from all around the world, whom I can proudly call friends today. It is great to know that, practically wherever you are, there is a bit of EMA ready to welcome you.

    I believe that the EMA Alumni Association plays a crucial role in strengthening and fostering this network of young and passionate human rights professionals.

    Hence, I think it is time to engage even more actively in the association; this is why I would like to express my interest in running for the Treasurer position. I consider this role particularly relevant in the life of every association and this is particularly true for ours. Transparency and accuracy are in fact absolutely important to ensure that every single member can benefit from the global and inclusive nature of the EMA Alumni association.

    Because of my involvement in several human rights projects (such as Migrants Matter, the EMA advocacy campaign), I have developed good organisational skills, attitude to team working and precision, which I consider to be my contribution to the association. I am really looking forward to working together with the other Board Members to consolidate existing projects and to launch new ones, so to make the EMA Alumni network an exciting hub for all the graduates.

    Thanks for your support! Feel free to contact me: denise.venturi83@gmail.com





    Dear fellow alumni,

    As a recent E.MA graduate, I was very attracted to do the course because of E.MA’s network and reach. I believe that E.MAlumni has huge potential to bring people, institutions and ideas together from across the globe, and I would love to build on the association’s successes by actively contributing to the work of the Board.

    Having spoken with several people from my year (2013/14), a few areas of action I suggest are key to ensure that we continue to be attractive as an association to existing, as well as new members:

    ·      for our members and fellow alumni: Showing that E.MAlumni is a network association that stands out through its members all around the globe – by  discussing the introduction of further networking and exchange through for example an online platform for sharing academic works, papers, reports (similar to academia.edu); reconsidering the mechanisms for job search and exchange of information on vacancies (ad hoc mentoring options for upcoming interviews); possibly events such as an annual alumni conference.

    ·      for future members, including current but also former E.MA students: Further integration and visibility with E.MA degree programme – possibly by introducing skills workshops held by alumni in an intensive skills week e.g. mock fact finding/field missions (something I was recently introduced to and would love to try and introduce in Venice as it teaches practical skills but also could bring students and alumni together); maybe training for CV clinics and job interview skills during the career days; making alumni more approachable for students also re extracurricular activities ie invitation to events.

    ·      for the general public: If desirable and as voiced by some fellow alumni, we could try to integrate the public a little – for example as participants at an annual conference or event, or via a blog featuring different alumni members on topical issues.

    If you want to know more about my professional experience (including work and internships with NGOs, a law firm, the ECtHR and OSCE) please have a look at my CV on my profile page. I have recently founded an NGO in Vienna for strategic human rights litigation; designed a children’s rights workshop for teenagers; and hope to in the future be able to use human rights as a tool to change international (political and economic) structures that foster inequality and poverty.

    I believe I can bring commitment and networking skills to the Board, as well as a many useful ideas to make E.MAlumni an attractive and dynamic forum for us; including a good portion of enthusiasm for meeting new people and building alliances.

    I look forward to hearing from you should you want to discuss any of my ideas: tessaschrempf@hotmail.com.

    Have a lovely day,



    Dear E.MA people allover the world,

    My name is Sanja Tosic, I originally come from Serbia, but currently live in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I work as an independent consultant for several organizations including UNICEF BiH and  Swiss Embassy/ Cooperation Office BiH. Working on mainstreaming human rights and gender into range of development initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many times, I thought how it would be great to have fresh  and real-life good practice examples or to share with you some of the inspiring stories.

    I have strong interest  to be an active member of E.MAlumni Board and, if selected,  I will work on strenghtenning current initiatives and structures and would propose different new ideas such as  the following:

    – Horizontal and vertical networking  between E.MA community and human rights, developement and democratisation initiatives in the field.  This would enhance our visibility and increase job opportunities.

    – Expand tailor-made career development and support services such as  building online resourse center with contemprorary  guidelines, strategies, good practice examples of webinars for operationalization of human rights in defferent sectors of development.

    Let's strenghten our association, let's reconnect and participate; give our contributions and gain benefits.

    Please contact me if you have any questions at sanjabihscg@gmail.com




    Thank you to the great candidates for putting themselves forward for the Board Member position.

    The voting period for active members will be from 30 May – 07 June midnight CET.  

    Until then, anyone may endorse candidates or support their campaigns by posting underneith their campaign post. 


    Become an active member now. 

    You need to be active member to vote for candidates and for the other decisions on the agenda


    Dear All,

    it is really a great pleasure to see that the committment to E.MA and our Association keeps on growing over the years and across generations of Masteroni.

    I'm sure all the above candidates have a lot of energies to invest on present and future projects.

    Whatever the results of the vote, please be reminded that the E.MAlumni Association needs the support of ALL its members, not only during the elections period but also during the entire year.

    So, please allow me to encourage all the supporters of the above candidates to keep on following and actively contributing to the different initaitives launched/to be launched by the E.MAlumni Board.

    No one wins alone 🙂 

    Thank you for believing in our joint endeavour: our E.MAlumni Association!

    I send a huge abbraccio to all of You! 





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