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    bish bosh bash

    Selection of annual theme 2011.


    Deadline for voting: 28 February 2011 23:59 CET.

    *** RUNOFF text (updated on 7 February 2011) ***

    Why an annual theme?

    As indicated in the Statute and discussed at the last General Assembly, one of the objectives of the E.MAlumni  is to promote human rights and democratization around the world. To this aim, the Board has decided to have an annual theme which will provide a coherent guiding line for our activities, discussions and projects, in particular the newsletter and other publications and the events surrounding the next General Assembly.

    An initial list of possible themes has been online for the past month and we call on you for other suggestions and comments. We are now ready to have a poll to decide on the 2011 annual theme. Below you will find the suggested themes with a short description, all you need is to click on the theme you find best.

    1) Human Rights and State-building: identities and diversities”: January 2011 will see the Sudan referendum, but Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan… remain extremely interesting cases. This theme allows for reflection on cessation movements, minority issues, challenges of building solid national identities, distortions between rights in newly drafted constitutions and the reality on the ground.

    2) “Human rights and the financial crisis”: This very current issue does not only have an influence on the job market, the economy, budget cuts in general, but also specifically on human rights. It could be a reflection on the impact of austerity measures in human rights at the local level, the transnational implications of the credit crunch and how it affects human rights work on the field and in policy contributions.

    3) “Forgotten crisis: no news, is not good news”: This theme gives the opportunity to discuss a very wide range of situations, but also explore issues of donor fatigue and the dynamics of public campaigns that go from extreme activism to almost complete silence, Darfur being the best example.

    4) “From Aceh to Haiti: the human rights toll of natural disasters”: This can cover how emergencies exacerbate pre-existing human rights concerns, but also how they create new ones and the challenges this brings to relief and reconstruction efforts. It could also be a reflection on how natural disasters can be an opportunity to improve human rights (many tsunami areas made improvements, Myanmar in 2008 was also an interesting case from that perspective). Because of the situation in Haiti, the theme is particularly relevant for 2011. It also sheds a light on the often forgotten and not even recognized by all, human rights of “the third generation”.

    5) “Internet and freedom of information in the era of Wikileaks”: wikileaks marked the year 2010 and will for sure continue to trigger interesting developments in 2011. This theme allows for a discussion on the nature and the limits of the right to information, as well as on the effects of State secrets and confidentiality on the protection and promotion of human rights.

    6) “Human rights revolutions: a new wave of democratisation?” This theme would allow us to reflect on the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt. This could include a comparative analysis between these and similar past popular revolts (Eastern Europe for instance), as well as about the root causes of such events and about why it is happening in the Middle East and not somewhere else (and whether it could happen somewhere else). It could also be an opportunity to reflect on how other dictatorships deal with the news about such events in the age of internet and globalisation and about how far restrictive regimes can go without offering meaningful political and civic participation.


    Poll Archive.

    AAaaaaaaa Aaaaaaa

    They are all interesting topics and it is fundamental that we start to be active, as a HR&D group of experts, in discussions on current issues.

    I think the theme should be as current as possible and number 5) “Internet and freedom of information in the era of Wikileaks”, looks the most current to me.

    For the same sake I think that another topic could be “How different peoples react to common challenges”, on the parallel revolutions that are mushrooming in the Mediterranean area. I am also trying to start a discussion on that (see here). If it is too late for this topic this year, perhaps we can consider for next year – even if I hope it will not be so hot by then.

    AAaaaaaaa Aaaaaaa

    I’m happy to see that a sixth choice has been created about current revolutions and I strongly support it. My thoughts are already published in the HR&D forum.

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