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    Dear colleagues,


    I would like to submit my candidacy as a board member for the next elections of the Association. As a recent Masterona (E.MA 2010/11) I’m very enthusiastic to contribute to the E.MAlumni Association with a plan of  fresh ideas to assist empowering our association as a reference on human rights and democratisation for young professionals.

    I worked within the NGOs field (Amnesty International Portugal) and in social sector through some campaigns that I organised towards human rights protection. I worked for four years in the Portuguese blood collecting Association where I was engaged also with awareness raising campaigns and administrative work. Therefore I fully agree with Cristiano to strengthen this Association in a transparent, participative and democratic process. I fully support the idea of creating a more updated and active website.

    I think this Association has a great potential to bridge its members in a fruitful and participative networking to share ideas, experiences from the field, as well as difficulties and challenges that often happens in our daily work.

    I would be very grateful to contribute with my humble experience, enthusiastic and supportive attitude for the spirit of the E.MA family.


    Thank you




    Dear Sofia,

    couldn't agree more and can't wait until the polls open 🙂 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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