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    To welcome the burst of activity of the outgoing board, I want to use this opportunity to attract its attention to a pressing matter. A Darfuri lawyer and Human Rights defender, newly admitted as an EMA student, was initially denied a scholarship by EIUC. Several of us have started a fundraising campaign to help him meet the tuition gap (, which after the start of the campaign has been reduced to only 2860 EUR (EIUC eventually agreed to provide a partial scholarship.) Still, Zuhair cannot come to Venice without paying all the tuition fee.

    I would like to urge the outgoing board, consisting of established professionals with a professional track record, to set an example for the EMA alumni community and to consider contributing to the fundraising campaign. Also, I would like to challenge the outgoing board to temporarily suspend their zeal for democratic elections, rise to the occasion and work together with EIUC to figure our why it is unable to offer a full scholarship.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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