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    I worked at EIUC for two years and I was responsible for the revitalization of the E.MAlumni Association. This allows me to have a good understanding of EIUC and E.MAlumni. Beyond EIUC I matured experiences in NGOs, IGOs and Academia in different countries of the global north and global south. Currently I am a PhD candidate and researcher in Sociology with a focus on the democratization of democracy.

    I am running for the E.MAlumni board and Presidency because I believe the E.MA is a unique programme and I have a special enthusiasm for it. I also matured quite a number of concrete ideas, relevant professional experience and good understanding of EIUC and E.MAlumni to deliver a positive function in the Association. Within the limits of my possibilities I would like to play a humble but proactive role to make of the E.MAlumni the intercultural, widespread and wide-represented Association it can be. Step, by step, but with ambition, welcoming ideas and energies from all of us willing to participate. I would like the E.MAlumni to be a transparent, democratic, active and concrete human rights and democracy association. Our objectives (from the statute) are: networking, support EIUC and E.MA and Human Rights and Democracy throughout the world. The see how I think the E.MAlumni should reach these objectives please have a look at the ideas and projects.

    I was in conversation with Lydia until today and we both believe that I should campaign for presidency as well as board member. For this reason I would like to ask you to have a look at my ideas and projects (below) and vote for me if you feel in agreement with me and my enthusiasm.

    Cristiano Gianolla – E.MAlumni Elections 2012 – Ideas and Projects



    Dear Cristiano,

    I strongly support your candidature, as soon as the polls are open I'll wrote for you for president 🙂 !


    Well done. This is a well-structured programme. What is important is to manage to work as team. Let's look ahead to a more active and open association. The communication channels have to be set-up and institutionalised.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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