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    Dear E.MAlumni Friends,

    Please allow me to use this space for officially thanking -in my capacity of Vice-President of the E.MAlumni Association (still for 5 min)- our President Giorgos, our Treasurer Christine, the other colleagues of the Board (Lydia, Sara, Sophie, Filipa, Victor, Igor and Monika) as well as our Career Development Officer for all the work done for the Association in these last two years.

    I hereby submit my candidacy for the position of E.MAlumni Board member for 2012-2014.

    My vision for eventually a second mandate as Board member:

    Some ideas of activities I would like to work on with the other members of the Board and the President:

    –       Development of a concerted communication and marketing strategy of the Association that will take advantage of social media and non conventional activities to better reach out 

    –       Creation of our corporate identity responding to the mandate of the Association

    –       Increase of the number of registered members

    –       Further development of the E.MAlumni Career Service through, inter alia, the organisation of training seminars for E.MA graduates in the first days following their graduation. Getting together again in Venice for further skill building activities, being trained by former graduates now professionals in the HR market is a positive incentive to enter (or to go back to) the job market 

    –       Organisation of events with fundraising purposes  for  ensuring some  financial autonomy and sustainability of the Association (I read with a lot of interest about the fundraising capacities of some other candidates)

    –       Participation in E.MA Universities fairs by reporting on second semester experiences in E.MA universities and suggesting topics of research for E.MA master theses

    –       Dissemination of EIUC advertising campaigns of the E.MA programme and other teaching programmes (in this regard it is always an honour to report on our graduates occupancy levels)

    –       Organisation of  joint training seminars within the Human Rights Village on the basis of memorandum of cooperation between us and NGO  to include a one-day training for 40 Masterini.

    –       Establishment of regional activities and development of a hub for alumni associations represented in the Global Campus of Master’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation

    –       Establishment and/or consolidation of relationships with international institutions (starting by EU and other EIUC partners.

    –       Organization of next E.MAlumni General Assembly  for the revision of the Statutes (inter alia)

    –       Continuation of E.MAg, the magazine of the Association

    –    Collaboration with the Padua Journal for Human Rights

    –    Increase participation of E.MA graduates in lectures during second stream activities of the E.MA Programme in Cluster Three: Human Rights Defenders

    –       Development of the Mentoring scheme


    General background:

    –       More than 22 years of work in European contexts, mainly as psycho-pedagogue,  university researcher on multicultural education, trainer in management and communication, and project manager in EU projects.

    –       As EIUC Communication Manager since September 2000, I am in charge of EIUC website and communication strategy, development of EIUC corporate identity, graphic design of institutional publications and promotional materials, setting up and coordination of advertising campaigns, participation in international fairs, and events management like E.MA graduations.

    –       In 2012 I completed a Master in Non-Conventional Marketing and Social Media and a certificate on the Use of ICTs and Social Media for Human Rights Work (by Human Rights Education Associates – HREA).

    –       I am a Masterona 1998/1999.

    –       My affiliations in Associations: External Relation Manager for ADEK (Association des Anciens Stagiaires des Institutions Européennes) and Secretary General until 2000 when I moved to Italy. One of my best achievements: having an exhibition stand for ADEK within the EU Pavilion at the 1998 World Exposition in Lisbon; representative of Belgium for the Confederazione degli Italiani nel Mondo; trainer for the Brevet Européen de Premier Secours pour la Croix-Rouge de la Jeunesse in Belgium.



    My E.MA history:

    –       Sept. 1999: E.MA graduation

    –       Nov. 2002: participation in the very first meeting of E.MA graduates  (we were 25)

    –       2010: acted as E.MAlumni Vice-President ad interim (replacing Carlotta Bellini)

    –       July 2010: elected Member of the Board of the E.MAlumni Association and then nominated Vice-President.



    Some key-words for our joint activities as human rights defenders: continuity, committment, career opportunities, communication, networking, training, success, out reach.


    All the best to all, now and forever,




    Hi Corinna, I hope you will manage to push forward your "campaign programme". Very good! I particularly support, meaning I am capable and ready to work for, the following points:

    a) training for recently diplomated Masterini;

    b) training related to the HRs village (of course);

    c) fundraising related to the consolidation of relations with international institutions, starting with EU (The link of EU and funding is functional. I have started working seriously on that, last year. The channels for funding are there. I can give the stuff to the new board);

    d) mentoring (here I will very soon come with a structured proposal to the new board as my mentee helps me to learn a lot. Seriously, this can have a great space).


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