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    Dear E.MA alumni,

    My name is Monika. I joined the Board of the E.MA Alumni Association in September last year after the resignation of Igor Vorontsov. Therefore, I had the opportunity to work with the outgoing board members for the last nine months. I feel I still have a lot to give to the association and I would like to continue contributing to the advancement of our network. If elected, I could help to ensure some continuity with regard to the projects that have been initiated over the last two years.

    Bringing people together and creating opportunities to get in touch with each other is one of my main interests. There is a huge potential in this network and I think we all can both contribute to and benefit from it. I continue to be a strong supporter of the creation of  “regional alumni hubs” and would endeavour to organise E.MA alumni meetings on a more regular basis.

    Since we are scattered  all over the world, the website is one of our main tools of communication and I would like to put efforts into continuously updating and improving the content of the website as well as fostering other means of communication and networking.

    In January 2012, I participated in the E.MA career day on Lido, informing current students on opportunities to apply for positions within EU institutions. The exchange with the students was a very enriching experience, underlining the need to ensure links between the different generations of masteroni who graduated from the programme over the years. Career advising and mentoring schemes are issues close to my heart which will be at the centre of my attention.

    Significant changes are currently being discussed with regard to our master's programme and I think it is important to ensure that the interests of E.MA alumni arerepresented and safeguarded.

    In these last couple of months, I also had the opportunity to work with Lydia Malmedie whose candidacy for the position of president I fully support. Lydia is a highly committed and enthusiastic person. She has been one of the driving forces in making the E.MA Alumni Association a success so far.

    To conclude, a couple of words about myself: Since my graduation from the E.MA programme in 2006, I have mainly worked in Brussels in the field of antidiscrimination as well as conflict resolution for an NGO, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

    I would bring to the Board my experience as spokesperson of the Austrian Students' Union at the University of Vienna as well as my experience as a member of the Board in the last nine months.

    That is it for now. I would very much appreciate to hear from you and to get your suggestion of how to improve the work of our association (

    All my best wishes to all of you,

    Monika – Academic year 2005/2006



    Hi Monika!

    I am pleased to see you as candidate! The fact that you pointed out mentoring and career services is important for me as we are trying to start working on the mentoring scheme with Emilia. I would love to discuss our ideas with you.

    Kasia – Academic year 2005/2006

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