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    Dear E.MA Alumni,

    Greetings from Kabul! I am writing to express my interest in joining the E.MA Alumni Association Board and to solicit your support.

    I want to join the board because I want alumni to continue to have a voice in the future of EIUC and because I want to give back to a program that gave me a year of academic rigor and a lifetime of friendships and experiences. I also know some of the other board candidates and am excited about the prospect of reuniting once again as a team.

    Two years ago, in December of E.MA, five of my colleagues and I got together to revive an old tradition – the annual E.MA student Human Rights Film Festival. We chose to name it “Building Bridges” – an enduring image that has stayed with me and that now captures my vision for the E.MA Alumni Board.  My vision is for an active, influential and unified alumni board that expresses the voice of all E.MA alumni and serves as a bridge between us and EIUC. There are three main ways in which I believe the E.MA Alumni Board can accomplish this.

    Firstly, I see the board as a focal point for all the E.MA alumni community. I remember equally well the sadness of us leaving Venice to disperse across the world only to experience the joy of reconnecting at the workplace, in the field or in the pub. That is why I want to see a board that continues to champion important initiatives such as improved online alumni directory and newsletters, and launches new ones such as regional get-togethers. Staying in touch will also allow us to enhance our professional networks and will assist the board to become an active ambassador of both the E.MA program and EIUC as an institution.

    Secondly, I believe the board should serve as a trusted advisor to EIUC that will support and guide E.MA in both good and bad times. Alumni should be an important sounding board supporting E.MA in its mission to excel as a program and EIUC in its quest to affirm itself as the flagship human rights educational institution in Europe. In the near future, the old monastery of San Nicolo will witness the rise of its shiny new neighbor – the new Human Rights Village – and its otherwise quiet galleries will echo with the footsteps of the regional masters staff – important developments that should include our perspective.

    Lastly, at E.MA I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know some of the most talented colleagues I have ever had. I know that our collective wisdom and good will is an important, yet untapped resource for EIUC. From helping recruit new E.MA Teaching Fellows to providing volunteer consulting services on specific projects, alumni can join forces to strengthen our alma mater.

    My Background

    My background is in business, so as a Board Member I hope to put to good use the best of both worlds – the world of the private sector and that of international organizations. I am originally from Bulgaria, I studied Economics at Harvard University in Boston and afterwards joined the Strategy group of Fidelity Investments in Boston. I graduated from E.MA in 2011 and have just finished the first year of my MBA at London Business School. My interest in private-sector led development led me to Kabul, where I am currently working for Roshan – Afghanistan’s leading telecom operator.

    Thank you for reading all of this and thank you for your support!

    Best wishes,

    -Iva Tsekova

    E.MA 2010-2011


    My dear Iva,

    Would love to have you in the EMA board, since I got to know you as not only a wonderful friend but also as a great person to work with.

    I am sure the association would profit from your energetic spirit, your innovative ideas and diligent work.

    all the best to kabul!


    Thank you so much for your support, Ute! Hope all is well in Africa! Please keep us posted about your adventures there and the good work you are doing.


    Dear Iva, you can count on my support as well. You are a dear friend and ideal team player. Your credentials and acumen would be a great benefit to the E.MAlumni board. And of course, not without personal interest, the remote possibility of continuing to work together on some of our dream projects. I cross my fingers!


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