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    We are excited to open the call for candidatures for Board Members of the E.MAlumni Board!

    Are you looking for a rewarding experience which will put you in touch with fantastic people scattered across the globe? Do you have a few hours left to dedicate to help fellow EMA graduates grow and strengthen the biggest network of human rights professionals worldwide? Then you should run for Board Member!

    Being a Board Member also allows you to further develop or apply your leadership skills, gives you insight into how an international organisation is run and is an opportunity to really shape the future of this great alumni network which ultimately works to support those who promote human rights. Campaigning is easy: simply scroll down and post a text or upload a video clip before 15:00 CET, 11 October 2017.

    Please indicate which of the following 3 positions you would like to run for:

    • President of the Board; and/or
    • Ordinary Board Member (2 vacant positions) – one of which could also opt to be nominated Treasurer of the Board

    As stated in Article 14 of the Statute, the Board is the executive body of the Association responsible for implementing and executing the decisions of the General Assembly. It is composed of the President and 8 other Board members, one of whom can be announced Treasurer. The President will appoint a Vice President who will stand for him/her in case of absence or impediment. The Secretary General participates in the Board meetings with consultative status. For further information on the work and responsibilities of the Board, see below.

    Candidates should…
    …be interested and motivated to develop the growing network and co-operation of alumni on a European and global level.
    …be open-minded and willing to learn a lot.
    …be able and willing to work in an intercultural team as well as on individual basis.
    …have a good knowledge of spoken and written English.
    …be regularly available by telephone or email and attend regular Skype meetings.
    …be willing to respect different points of view and work with these.
    …be ready to follow and respect decisions taken by the Board and the General Assembly.
    …be motivated to put energy, enthusiasm and creativity into the work;

    …be open-minded and able to think outside the box!

    The Online Forum where to post your candidacy (below) and campaign is now open until 11 October 2017 (15:00 CET). Voting takes place on 12-22 October 2017.

    You can be creative with your candidacy and even upload a video to introduce yourself and your ideas. For inspiration, you might want to have a look at the campaigns from last year, have a look at projects which are currently running and you might want to answer the following questions:

    What motivates you to run for the Board elections?
    What do you bring to the association?
    What do you see for the future of the organisation?

    Come join the E.MAlumni Board!

    **Please remember that only active members (“full members”) can run for elections (Article 14.1 of the Statutes) and vote at the General Assembly (Article 13.5). If you want to become an active member, click here and ensure you pay your active membership fee of EUR 20 (prior to 10 October 2017, 12:00 CET).**

    Work and responsibilities of the Board

    The Board is responsible for the running of the E.MAlumni Association as well as for the initiation, planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation of its activities. This means the Board must be actively informed and have a clear overview of all projects run by the organisation.
    Furthermore, it carries the responsibility for the preparation and execution of the annual General Assembly, which includes the preparation of documents such as possible changes or additions to statutory documents, as well as Annual Reports and Financial Reports.

    The E.MAlumni Association also has very active involvement with the running and managing of the the Global Campus Alumni network, especially when it comes to shared activities and infrastructure as well as managing the working of the Secretary General (a shared, paid position between the GCA and EMAlumni). 


    The Tasks of the Board are to:

    1. Execute and implement the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly;
    2. Adopt an annual operational plan for the implementation of the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly;
    3. Prepare the agenda of the GA. including any proposals received in accordance with members’ rights under the statutes;
    4. Prepare the budget of the Association, in accordance with the directions given by the General Assembly and present it to the General Assembly for approval;
    5. Prepare the financial statements and the annual accounts and present them to the General Assembly for approval;
    6. Prepare a report on the status on the activities of the Association for presentation and approval by the General Assembly;
    7. Appoint and dismiss the Secretary General;
    8. Appoint and dismiss all the employees and Members of staff of the Association, in consultation with the President and Secretary General; Fix, in consultation with the President, the duties, salaries and emoluments of the Secretary General, the employees and Members of staff of the Association;
    9. Determine the Membership fee for the various categories of Membership;
    10. Discuss and decide on the acceptance of contributions and/or donations from public entities or organisations and from the private sector;
    11. Represent the Association towards third parties in judicial and non-judicial matters. This representation can be delegated to the President of the Association or to one or several persons;
    12. Ensure that the powers delegated to the Secretary General, the committees and Sub-Organs are properly exercised.

    The Board shall be accountable to General Assembly for its actions and decisions.

    The Board Members should have the self-discipline necessary to get work done on time and independently between meetings.


    Hello People,

    My name is Michele and as a masterone of the academic year 2013-2014 and active member of the E.MAlumni I am running to become Board Member. I have to admit that the idea of posting a video to introduce myself was extremely fascinating, but then I thought that appearing on camera is not something that I am pretty good at; not to mention the fact that probably my son would try to take the stage and make the video become a sort of singing-for-toddlers competion. So, I decided that on a practical lever is easier to write few lines to introduce myself and explain the reasons that motivate me to run for the Board.

    First of all, I am an Italian national, who incredibly seems to have found his natural collocation in the Swiss academic market. Or at least this is what I like to tell about myself in order to keep on having the motivation to finish my P.hD in International Human Rights Law. I decided to engage in this activity with the idea that digging into an unexplored field – I write about entrepreneurial rights as human rights – will enable me to acquire the competences necessary to proceed further with academia or, as an alternative, to gain access into the magic world of international organizations. So far it didn’t happen, but I gained a lot of resilience. You can trust me on this. And I also gained a family, composed of myself, another former masterona of my same academic year, and a sort of two and a half years old alien with human features, who taught me that sleep deprivation can be overcome after some months and that the last Nobile Price of Medicine is overrated.

    Said this, I have to admit that the reasons I am running for the Board can be summarized in one easy thought: E.MA has been our family for one entire academic year and the relations we developed during this year are some of the strongest bonds I have ever had; thus I feel the need to provide actively for this family. I can compare this feeling with that of becoming a father, which means that after thirty years spent as a son, it was time to take on my shoulders the duties that a family carries. Here is pretty much the same. After four years as part of the big E.MA family and having beneficiated of the incredible job undertaken by the previous and the current members, I would like to give my active contribution in carring on the legacy of the E.MAlumni.

    I don’t believe in the need to propose a specific program to be implemented during the time as a Board Member, simply because a lot has been done in the previous years and still needs to be done. Thus, I would pretty much like to focus on three issues that I believe are of primary importance for the network of the current and the future masteroni:

    1. The ambassadors: although theoretically well developed this topic  finds, in my opinion, some obstacles that can be easily overcome. First, there should be more interconnection among the different ambassadors located in the same country. I think that ambassadors, especially in those geographical areas that experience a low percentage of masteroni, should be motivated by the Board to interact more among each others. For me it was not really easy to integrate in Switzerland and am sure that organizing some meetups on a local basis would have been a nice way to avoid the feeling to emigrate after six months I was here. Just kidding obviously, but I do believe that the Board can foster the the creation of better communication channels among the ambassadors and between the ambassadors and the future masteroni;
    2. The Mentoring Program: when I became an active member of the E.MAlumni some friends applied for the mentoring program as mentorees and their experience was pretty positive. So, I decided to apply to become a mentor myself, in order to try to give some advice to the new masteroni. Probably the organization of our Anniversary took most of the time available also for the development of other activities, but although I was contacted to be inserted in the program and expressed my appreciation for following 2 students, no further news on the mentoring program reached me after November 2016. In this sense, I’d like to re-start the mentoring program or to improve its communication, if it does not need to be restarted.
    3. Last but not least is the issue of Pay Your Interns initiative (https://www.payyourintern.com/), a program that I got to know thanks to one of my fellow mates and good friend of mine: Vincent. He experienced for long time the bad habit of free internships that exist in human rights institutions and is an active member of the campaing, which reached already some very good achievements. It is not my intention to take credit for something I have not been involved in, but if elected for the Board, it is my intention to improve the dialogue between EMAlumni and Pay Your Interns and try to organize some initiatives together, such as one meeting with current students and a representative of Pay Your Interns during the Academic Year, sponsoring awarness raising campaigns, and trying to improve the dialogue between us, Pay Your Interns, and the institutions at stake.

    I think that a lot have been said and wish to have your active support to continue the activities of the EMAlumni Board.

    My best,



    <span>Dear All!</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>My name is Jen Vallentine and I come relatively fresh out of the EMA program of 2015/2016.</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>I’ve been reflecting and thinking over the past year since I finished EMA how great an opportunity it was and how much I got out of it, particularly coming from the other side of the world – Australia. Since finishing I keep learning about the amazing people who are part of this Alumni network and this is one of the driving forces behind wanting to be more actively involved adding to the great work that has already been done and helping to develop and grow the networks’ potential further.</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>I have a community development and service provision background, working as a social worker and program manager in Australia with communities in crisis, particularly women experiencing domestic abuse, Indigenous Australians and refugee and asylum seeker communities. I am currently based in Vienna, Austria for at least the medium-term and am undertaking a few projects ranging from compiling a practical guideline for the mental health support of asylum seekers and co-running a company producing bedsheets designed by emerging artists (I know a very random, but very interesting, combination!).</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>Keeping it short and sweet, some of the things I would bring to the board include:</span>

    <span> </span>

    • <span>experience in HR, staff management and learning and development. I think this would be particularly useful for the further development of the fabulous Mentor program run by the Alumni;</span>
    • <span>strong program management skills and experience working in remote teams, something which is important when working with a global network;</span>
    • <span>A perspective from someone who is a national of a non-EU state – a perspective that would be useful in reaching out to our Alumni outside of Europe;</span>
    • <span>Experience in community development and engagement, something which I would look to apply particularly in helping support the ambassadors to connect with each other locally and in particular support the younger graduates of the program.</span>

    <span> </span>

    <span>Lastly, I would just like to put back into something I got a lot out of and really believe in.</span>

    <span> </span>



    Hello Everyone!

    I’ll keep this very short. I’m also relatively fresh, having just graduated this 2016/2017 year, but excited about staying engaged with E.MA as an alumni and<span> </span>through<span> </span>the Board.

    As one of the two Student Representatives from our year, one of the issues I championed was connecting recent alumni to students of the incoming year. As a new Alumni, it is even clearer to me that connecting with<span> </span>current students sooner can serve as a means of filling gaps in student support and strengthening networks between alumni and students. I’ve already begun an informal project to connect 2016/17 alumni to incoming students through sharing positive and constructive feedback on E.MA experiences, and would be interested in developing it further or connecting it to other projects as a Board member.

    My professional background is in community engagement and international exchange, and I am excited to see connection and growth continue to develop amongst E.MA & GC students and alumni.




    Hey Everybody!

    My name is Shamanth Vohra I’m a graduate from this past year as well and would like to run for one of the ordinary board member positions. I’m interested in this post not just for what I feel represents an opportunity for me to develop my skills and gain experience in an area that I am admittedly quite unfamiliar with but also for the possibility of staying in touch with the E.Ma community which has been such an incredible experience.

    While I don’t have a ton of experience directly related to the running of an organisation I do have a very diverse set of experiences and an ability to quickly adapt to new environments and challenges, having shifted from a career in IT to studying philosophy and then human rights. I also bring good communication and language skills to the table as I am fluent in English, German, French and Luxembourgish and am studying Spanish at the moment.




    Dear fellow alumni,

    My name is Véronique and I am not running for the board (as I am already a boar member) but for the position of President. I would like to continue the wonderful work of past Presidents of the E.MAlumni association and make sure we continue to grow strong in the coming year.

    I belong to the pioneers of the programme as I graduated in 1999 (yes we still lived in the monastery at the time). I am currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, where I work as an independent human rights consultant.

    In the past year, I have supported the communication work of the association and worked on revitalizing the hubs in Strasbourg, Vienna and Lisbon together with other fellow alumni as I do believe that the city hubs constitute the heart of our association and the ambassadors in those cities play an essential role in helping people to connect over drinks or thematic discussions. I would like the Association to focus on strengthening the city hubs in the coming year.

    I can only agree with the posts above about the mentoring programme and connecting with the current students. We also need to improve the sharing of job tips and job announcements on our website and other social media.

    We will need to explore in the coming year new ways to continue some of the conversations we started at the 20 year anniversary in Venice in September. The event opened up new opportunities for the association.

    I look forward to continue my work as a board member and hope you will give me your trust to lead the association as the next President.





    Hey everyone,


    My name is Helena and I graduated from the E.MA programme in 2015, after finishing my law studies in Austria (the country where I am coming from). Since then, I lived in six different countries and gained a lot of professional experience in the field of project management, international relations, social media and human rights. I’ve worked (amongst others) for the Austrian government, the European Union, the International Ombudsman Institute and Terre des Hommes International Federation, a NGO focusing on the protection on the rights of the child. Moreover, I worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross during the refugee crisis as well as Oxfam, Amnesty International and the EU Interns4Interns initiative. Currently, I am living in Berlin where I work for the Austrian Embassy. Due to the fact that I had insight into the work and practices of international organisations, NGOs and governmental bodies and because I’ve learned how to approach problems from different perspectives, I am convinced that I have the necessary credentials to run for becoming a Board Member.


    E.MA has given me a lot and I think that it is now time to give something back. Therefore, I want to contribute my energy, my ideas and multi-faceted skills to the Association so as to support fellow Alumni to thrive, to implement their projects and ideas and to make use of their knowledge and skills as well as to strengthen the Association as one of the biggest human rights networks.


    I want to keep it short and to stop at this point, but please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments.





    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Why I run</span>

    <span>Since I graduated in 2007 I have met fellow alumni around the globe. I shared an office with and alumni in Kabul for two years, met with others in Geneva and Brussels, bumped into another in Khartoum at a social event and have met many others while working for the UN, INGOs, EU and as a freelance journalist in various parts of the world. I’m currently based in Tbilisi where I find myself working directly with other alumni. I am running for the board because I know that this network has an effect on us and by developing it, we stand stronger in our efforts to work for human rights globally in a time when we see multilateral institutions and basic rights being questioned by global leaders who are tearing in the fabric of those values. </span>

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>What my focus is:</span>

    • <span></span><span>to develop the alumni network through stronger ties among the alumni globally</span>
    • <span></span><span>to advance activities within human rights in culture for alumni, e.g., utilize alumni skills globally to connect the human rights regime with photography, films, music and other forms of art</span>
    • <span></span><span>to optimize existing network processes</span>
    • <span></span><span>to improve communication outreach for the network  </span>

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Why me: </span>

    • <span></span><span>I have worked in multicultural teams in Asia, Europe, Africa and will be able to work in the multicultural E.MAlumni Board</span>
    • <span></span><span>I have worked with refugee protection, conflict prevention, advocacy and communication in the field of human rights and will bring the experience to the network</span>
    • <span></span><span>I have new ideas that will strengthen the network </span>
    • <span></span><span>I will continue to build on the existing structures of the already impressive network</span>
    • <span></span><span>Finally, human rights are challenged. Politicians and leaders are chipping away at the global order designed to prevent conflict and human rights violations. The collective failure of responding to the global refugee crisis, the trend in Europe to view human rights as a challenge to nation states, disregard for international institutions by state powers.… A strong human rights defender network is more pertinent than ever.</span>

    <span>Happy voting!</span>


    For more info about who I am you can have a look at L<span>inkedin</span> or for some of my creative work you can visit this website



    Hello all,

    I will keep this short and just say, that I am very excited to be in touch with you all again through the E.MAlumni Association and Global Campus Alumni.

    With experience as a human rights practitioner working in various intercultural teams across Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, I am motivated to run for the 2017 Board elections as an ordinary member and to contribute to the further development and growth of the E.MAlumni network.

    My passion to work as a human rights practitioner was born from, and nurtured through, my experience as an E.MA student in 2012/2013.

    I was enriched – personally and professionally – through the learning, stimulation, and innovation that was cultivated through an amazing cohort of colleagues, friends, mentors, teachers, and coaches. I believe that each and every one of us can attest to this.

    One vision that I would like to highlight for the future of the association is to embolden the already established career support and mentoring programmes. I saw first-hand that E.MA and GCA graduates benefited greatly from the emphasis given to career building throughout the masters programme.

    I believe that to bolster the career support and mentoring programmes will be invaluable to all E.MA and GCA graduates who are chartering a future career in the human rights and governance field – a journey that I believe we all know can be quite challenging at times. I see strong networking amongst us all as key.

    Having worked across multiple international settings and disciplines, I believe that I can bring to the E.MAlumni Board an open mind and a willingness to address sensitive issues with diplomacy and respect. I am eager to reach out to our diverse network in all parts of the globe and to meaningfully contribute to, and serve as ambassador for, the E.MAlumni Board.

    Thank you all,

    Kathryn Allison (yes, still in Venice….)


    Dear all,

    Thank you very much for putting forward your candidacies. The GA will be kicked off tomorrow 19 Oct 2018, at 11am CET with the text only, and voting polls will open at 12am CET.

    We will have the following candidacies:

    • Veronique for President
    • Michele for Board member
    • Jennifer for Board member
    • Joelle for Board member
    • Helena for Board member
    • Adam for Board member

    The following candidacy is pending as I write this post, as the active membership has not been confirmed and is a pre-condition for eligibility:

    • Shamanth Vohra (Shamanth has been contacted and prompted to activate active membership no later than tomorrow 19 Oct, 10 am CET, and the candidacy will be accepted should this condition be met. Active membership payment is not required at this stage as Shamanth is a recent graduate and the first 3 months of membership are free for our most newest additions to the alumni community.)

    The following candidacy is unfortunately not acceptable due to it having been put forward after the deadline for candidacies had passed, on 18 Oct 3pm CET, as well as due to lack of active membership subscription and payment:

    • Kathryn Allison (candidacy posted at 4.43pm; I am terribly sorry about this but the deadline has been communicated on numerous occasions and has been clearly stated throughout. Unfortunately we need to stick to the rules and deadlines but I very much hope you remain motivated and run for Board next year!)





    Hello, Dear friends,

    I have been grateful to receive a lot from the European MAster’s programme during the academic year 2007-2008. Being already board member of the EMAlumni Association, I am currently on a PhD research in Law and Political Science at the Montpellier University in France. Upon completion of the EMA programme in Lido, I had the opportunity to represent the students of the European Inter-University Centre (EIUC)  at the European Development Days on Climate Change held in Lisbon. I also attended a workshop in Luxembourg on environment with fellow EMA students.  I do remember the significant and marvellous experience during our study trip to Kosovo and Serbia. So, I wish to continue to take part in the Association activities as board member.  My  intention is to strengthen the EMAlumni Association by MORE  actively interacting with other participants and different human rights professionals wherever possible throughout the world. My experience and interests include the rights of asylum seekers  and protection of refugee rights, the rights and protection of  children and women, security issues, violence prevention, justice and human rights protection basically in post-conflict areas.  All in all, that is about me as board member and former EMA graduate and current board member willing and determined to continue serving in the same position.

    All the best to all of us !



    But how do I vote?

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