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    Dear E.MAlumni,


    In one week we will meet in Brussels for our Inaugural Meeting, I am sure it will be a great start. I am happy to confirm that at the end of the General Assembly we are all invited to have dinner and socialise at the ULB.


    For all the documents and info, including registration form (until Monday May 16), the provisional list of participants and the draft agenda, go to: http://globalcampusalumni.org/activities/brussels-21-may-2010/


    One of the points in the agenda is the amendments of the statute. There is already a draft of the amendments; you are invited to read it before the meeting. The proposed changes are important for our future and are highlighted to be easily identifiable.


    If you have not done it yet, please register to our new website at the same address above. There are already campaigns and discussion going on, including a survey to help us decide if we want to have online elections or in Brussels next Friday.


    If you would like to be the minute taker of the first E.Malumni General assembly or you would like to help somehow if need be, please send me an email.


    We start our work by adopting a “green policy” which, I am sure, we all agree on. This means that participants will receive the smallest possible amount of paper and useless gadgets. If you want to have your paper copy of the documents bring them yourself. Note that during the meeting we will use a projector to display the documents to be discussed.


    See you soon…




    Dear Cristiano,

    well, I fully agree on the “green policy”.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you and all the other alumni on Friday!




    A short report on the Fist GA is available here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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