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    AAaaaaaaa Aaaaaaa

    Please post here your comments, suport  statements or considerations about the elections and the candidates.


    Brava Erin for your candidacy!

    I really encourage other E.MAlumni to get involved and run for elections!

    Being a Board member is a great experience both for our community and for yourself.  All the best to all candidates 🙂




    Dear Erin,

    I'm so happy to see your candidacy. After our last e-mail exchanges I was wondering when would be the next time when we 'meet'. Little did I know then, that the time would be sooner then I could have imagined. Greetings from the True North.

    I  fully supoort your vision of aslo having alumni respresentation on the board from outside of Europe, not only becasue I am a fellow Canadian with a two year tenure on the board but also becasue I experienced first hand the great collaborations among board members in spite of working remotely. In fact, we also had an alumni on the board from Latin America. In the last few months the board members were spread out even more in different continents and varying time zones. This was an intense time period leading up to organising the GA in Brussels,  and despite the remoteness we were able to manage meetings, work loads, crisis, our daily professional and private life, and not the least, our sanity.

    Having met the wonderful Global Campus Alumni representatives in Brussels and hearing their ideas and vision for future collaborations I echo your aim to expend the network. Your presence currently in Africa is going to serve you well in that goal.

    There can never be enough outlet to share the universal message about the values, aims and plans of the E.MAlumni Association and human rights. I like and support your idea of expanding the social media presence.

    Wishing you best of luck in the campaign,

    Krisztina  (Outgoing Board member/Treasurer)


    Dear fellows, good to see a number of colleagues saying "Present" in this relevant moment of our community; i.e. voting for the executive bodies. After two elections / two boards and almost a four-year experience, we should take the challenge for a step forward, capitalizing on the efforts and achivments operated thanks to the previous two boards' hard and voluntary work (a big thanks and please continue active) as well as thanks to the membership active participation; i.e. thanks to all of us.

    If you find that there is a gap between our organization's achievements and your expectations and dreams and needs, then you are on the right path. We have than to put hands on work and push forward to a positive trend, to see E.MAlumni becoming, step by step and each time more, an effective community that we will be proud to call it ours.

    For me, it is good to see these candidates and their motivation and agenda. I see a converging agenda on tthe issue of participation (oh! this ir really great), on the issue of institutional building (YES!!), on the need to build capacity on project-design (I like it, let's go to this), and on the need to transform this community to a space of growing opportunities for its members, and of course the need to play a role and make a difference on the field of Human Rights.

    It is also good to see the variety of profiles of the candidates and how well are structured (of course, they all are Masterory, which is a garanty of quality!) and how are covering different spaces of interest, background, geographical spaces…… If only I have to be critical, it is a pity that not all candidates have uploaded their CV.

    The campagne continues for the next hours

    All the best to our community and I wish a great participation (we give some signs of weakness, to be honest)




    Dear All,

    Great to see many of you running for the board and putting forward new ideas. I do hope even more of you are still considering to post campaigns. 

    I would like to remind everyone that in order to vote and be eligible to run for the board position you need to establish active membership status (meaning paying membership fee contribution). You may send your membership fee contribution to 

    In order to pay the membership contribution you can order a bank transfer writing your name in the transfer description:

    Account Name: E.MAlumni

    IBAN code: BE04 001629079331

    BIC code: GEBABEBB

    Bank Name: BNP Paribas Fortis

    Address: Agence Schuman / Rond-Point Robert Schuman 10 / 1000 Brussels /Belgium

    If you have not done it so, it is still not too late. Please, contact me if you encounter any difficulty or need assistance at krisztina.damjanovich@emalumni.org

    Thank you and best of luck to all candidates.



    Dear fellows,

    I wish an effective participation in the voting exercise, at least a significant participation. I am somewhat concerned by the fact that litle debate has been developed if any.

    I wish to see a balanced executive board; of which composition would express the plurality of talents and expectations and backgrounds; i.e. a fully inclusive board.

    Let me elaborate my thought. Between us there are brilliant people with relevant carriers  and great capacity to move from one HRs' job and country to another. Yet, many of our members are carrying on more difficult and less splendid lives. Both profiles have to be represented in our executive bodies. Only this balanced representativeness can bring about plural-quility, open of new spaces, grips on the ground, inclusiness; briefly, what we need to make a difference.

    I  strongly wish that our association will manage to play its role in "filling in the gap for people who have no connections and need to start from the scratch in the HRs and the job market". These are the words of a fellow of us that I though it is worth sharing with you all, now, at the moment of the elections.

    AAaaaaaaa Aaaaaaa

    Thank you Emilia for your post.


    I agree that the board would serve best the diversity of the association if it represents it closely. For that reason it is great to my eyes as well to see candidates fo younger and older generations. I think voting is not going to be an easy choice and therefore it is going to be good…



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