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    Dear EMAlumni,

    We are gearing up for the first EMAlumni Newsletter and we would like to call on you for contributions. Have a look at the short description of the newsletter structure below to see how you could best contribute. If you have any other suggestions that don't fit in this structure, feel free to email them as well!

    Lead article

    The topic for the lead article should be related to the annual theme (for 2011: „Human rights revolutions: a new wave of democracy?“ ). The format is free, it can be an opinion piece, a chronicle, a reportage, a response to previous lead article etc… This is however the longer section in the newsletter, so ensure that ideas are clearly expressed, that they follow a logical train of thought and that the piece is easy to read.

    Indicative size:min. 800 words / max. 1500 words



    An interview with a person who is active in the human rights world (a human rights defender, a professor, a politician, an artist etc…). The scope of questions is free, but it would be interesting to include a question related to our annual theme. The questions are to be identified by the contributor, but the Newsletter team can assist him/her with this.

    Indicative size:min. 200 words / max. 600 words


    „A day in the life of…“

    This section intends to quickly portray a type of life that would strike the attention of an emalumnus and someone in the human rights community in general. The exact subject of each piece is open to the creativity of the contributor. It can focus on a formal profession (human rights officer, human rights lawyer…), phase of life (job-seeker, retired, in career change…) or person (human rights defender, artist, child in a refugee camp…). The exact content and style are completely free and we encourage imaginative and creative pieces.

    Indicative size: min. 100 words / max. 400 words


    We are aiming at a quarterly newsletter starting this Summer, so please email filipa.guinote@emalumni.org by 15 June if you are interested in writing something and/or to submit a text. We are counting on you! Guidelines for contributors will be available in a separate post.



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