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    A new resource exploring the complex human rights challenges facing
    responsible business when operating in emerging economies was recently
    launched by Maplecroft and the UNGC.

    The Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum aims to enhance the collective
    understanding of human rights risks and responsibilities for business. It is
    designed for multinational companies, NGOs, human rights practitioners and
    academics to explore, learn, discuss and share experiences of the real life
    human rights dilemmas faced by MNCs.

    The Forum is launched with 10 dilemmas, which analyse an array of approaches
    taken by companies across different sectors. Dilemmas include: Child labour,
    Forced labour, Freedom of association Freedom of speech, Gender equality,
    HIV/AIDS, Housing, Human trafficking, Migrant workers and Security forces.

    All dilemmas are supplemented by a wide range of issue specific resources,
    plus case studies from international brands including: Cisco Sytems, De
    Beers, Gap, HP, Standard Chartered and Timberland.

    Dilemmas can be discussed in the Forum, which encourages a wide range of
    views from as many stakeholder groups as possible.

    For more information visit – or

    We would welcome your expertise and views in the online discussion.

    Kindest regards,
    Jason McGeown
    t: +44 (0) 1225 420000

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